Mar 9, 2007

Little Girl's birthday pics

Pretty good cake!

Seth is always so helpful!

Mommy made the cake!

Brother and sister!

yet again I have too much too write!

So, Here it is in the short version!
I went to Rexburg this last weekend. It was Awesome! I got to hang out with my mom and my sister and just get to be dumb for a few days. Its been a while since I got to just relax and have fun by myself. I didn't have the kids with me, so that made a big difference. Nathan had them all weekend and he did an awesome job. The house was sparkling clean when I got back and both children were I'd say it was a succes on both our parts! Now that I know he can handle it and I won't freak out at not being with them, I think I will take mini vacations from my life more often!
Rexburg was fun, but it was nice to return home to the people I love. Even though Eden was absolutely sick! She had (still has) bad diarrhea and was puking up everything she tried to eat or drink. Funny how things are perfect for Nathan and then as soon as I get all goes to poop! (no pun intended!) I just feel so bad for her. There isn't really anything we can do but let the sickness run its course. Its that darned stomach flu again. I hate it! She is doing a little better now. She had a pretty high fever and we almost took her to the doctor, but I didn't want to pay obscene amounts of money for them to just tell me that she has the stomch flu and all you can do is give her pedialyte so she wont get dehydrated! That's what the nurse from the doctors office told me(well, my mom) over the phone, so I didn't feel that there was much else the ER could do.
So, other than that life has gotten back into its normal routine. Seth is at preschool today. They are going to the airport to see the helicopters, so he was so excited to be going. I was rushing out the door because we were almost late and just about as soon as we got there I heard a little voice from the back seat say, " mom, we forgot my little treat so I wont be cranky!" Shoot! I always give him a peice of cheese or a granola bar on the way over to preschool so he won't be hungry and therfore won't be cranky! I forgot it today, so we'll see how he does. I hope the overwhelming sense of joy at seeing a helicopter up close will overpower his urges to be mean!
I think I will post some pics of Edens birthday, since I can't get the vidoe up onto youtube. Have agreat day!