Sep 15, 2009

Summer time seclusion

So obviously I haven't blogged for a while. This summer I decided to take a break and re-focus.
A few things happened financially which prompted this mamma to head back to school. I took two online classes and I absolutely loved them. It was super stressful for a while, but ultimately worth it. I had forgotten how amazing it felt to use my brain.

Growing up I hated school. I never put much effort into it- beyond showing up and turning in the occasional homework assignment. My lack of commitment was proven by the 2.9 I graduated with. This in turn convinced me that I had no talent in the educational field and I decided to skip out on college.

I'd say if I really believed in regrets, that would be my biggest one.

I now know, almost 10 years and three kids later, that it was an experience that would have shaped and matured me in a way that I wouldn't have believed. I would have had direction, purpose and drive, instead of the floundering around, wondering what I was doing here that I did for a very long time.

*I would have learned how to manage my finances:
I had my account closed and my debit card cut up by the bank when I was 19--right before I got married.

*I would have learned how to cook meals:
I made a dinner for The Man when we were dating that left him coughing and sputtering in pain-we laugh about it now, but then...

*I would have learned to love myself:
I always felt like I had to have a new guy every week. And if I didn't feel like people thought I was pretty, I was losing my worth.

*I would have learned confidence in my own decisions:
Anytime anyone ever asked me what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go, I would reply, " I don't know...where do you want to go?" I would always end up somewhere I didn't really want to be because I didn't want to make a wrong choice.

*I would have learned that I really was capable of putting in hard work and getting good grades:
This summer has shown me that when I put my mind to something, I can accomplish it. I pulled off A's in English and Classical Mythology, but it definitely wasn't easy!

Even though I chose to stay home and not attend college after high school, I don't think it was a wrong decision. Being a wife and mother is an experience I would never trade and I have learned a lot of those previously mentioned life skills along the way. (I don't know if The Man would agree in some of those areas, Im still not the best cook!) Confidence, direction, purpose-these are all wonderful rewards of the life I have chosen to live.
I would like to think that the experiences I have gained from raising children and living a life of service are far more rewarding than the experiences I may have had in college. In a way, I feel I am more prepared now to be able to handle the life of a student than I was then. Even though its hard, it has been absolutely worth it.

So any of you mammas out there contemplating returning to school, I challenge you to just do it!

(ok, so this post wasn't supposed to go this direction..but hey, I just went with it. Look for more posts of our adventures from this summer and a few of recent "firsts" for a lot of us around here!)

Sep 3, 2009

Things I learned this summer

*Kids, husbands, households and online classes for mommies don't make for good blogging.

*School isn't as scary as I had always thought.

*Don't ever visit CoeurdAlene, Id. It sucks you in and you stay for two months straight.

*Housework fairies do NOT visit you while you are out of town. The Laundry refuses to wash and fold itself. The toilets do, however, seem to still get nasty somehow.

*Buying a summer long pool pass is only a good idea if you actually plan to live the summer in the town where the pass was bought.

*Little boys love slugs. In fact, they like to wear them as accessories, sometimes 10 at a time. These slugs can only be found at grandmas house, so we must visit often.

*who needs a pool pass when you have large sled and a few big totes. Fill em up and its hours of fun...for free!

*Living out of suitcases really sucks.

*We love our grandparents.

*Its always nice to come home.