Dec 29, 2006

Christmas Suprises

well, since I have spent the last nine posts rambling about nothing (ok, so I freaked out about my video...) I decided I should now talk about my family...since thats what I started this whole thing for anyway!!

So this year for Christmas The Man and I decided that we would just get stocking stuffers for each other and no gifts, since our house was our gift. I spent forever trying to get little things that he might like, books (which I ordered online and didn't get here until..yesterday!!) some hunting things..socks of course, a Jeff Foxyworthy video about hunting, and my most precious video I made him and stuck onto a cd. I thought I was doing pretty good, since we didn't have much money and really..what can you get thats cool that fits in a stocking? Not much. I probably took the whole month of December trying to figure out what to get him. And when Christmas day came he actually seemed to like most of it..which is a big deal. If any of you know my husband..hes a little picky about say the least!! So, when the time came for me to look in my stocking..I found one pair of socks and the movie While You Were Sleeping (which I love by the way!) but I thought to myself.."thats it?"(terrible huh?!!) I knew he hadn't gone shopping for me until the night before Christmas eve and I was a little bit dissapointed..which I really shouldn't have been since I was sitting on the floor of a beautiful new house..but still...

So then there was this really big present that I thought I had wrapped that was for The Man's parents (who spent Christmas with us) from one of their daughters and I kept trying to get The Man's Sister to give it to them but he wouldn't let her!! I was getting a little upset because I swore it was theirs!! Turns out..It wasn't. It was a present for me from him. It was the coveted scanner that I had been wanting forever!!! I couldn't believe it! And do you think I felt bad for being dissapointed earlier? And do you think I felt like I didn't do enough for him? You bet! He always does this!! We talk about not doing something, and then he goes and does it anyway!! So here are the cute pictures of the kids that I have that I couldn't send anyone..because I didn't have a scanner to scan them in and email them!! I love that boy..he always goes above and beyond for his wifey-poo!!

Dec 28, 2006

Last post I swear!! Is anyone even reading this?

Ok, so I just wanted to point out that the other video on Jesh and Brookes blog labeled, "is forever enough" is another video I made for my parents. It features The Boy, Little Girl and my nephew!! Its pretty cute if you want to check it out!!

I take it back

So, I emailed my video to my self at a different that isn't a very big account..and it worked just fine!! I take back everything I said about a BIGGER email account!! does play on media player and you can make it big screen..which is nice..but its still a little blurry and the transitions arent very smooth. It must have just been the way it saved to media player or something..I don't know! So if you want me to email it to you so you can see it on the full screen just let me know!! Its a little nicer that way.

Yea!! My video!! And the best brother ever!!

So, I have this incredibly awesome( but unfortunatly also incredibly long) video that I made for Nathan for Christmas..but the program used to make it is sooooo stupid!! dumb windows movie ones computer has it..and you can't email it in the windows movie maker format..because its just I have it saved in windows media player...which should play on most peoples computers...however..then the issue of its lenth comes into play. Hardly anyone has enough space in their email boxes to play it!! Come on people!! If you all got a gmail account..wich is free by the way..and can hold like 1 gig of memory..or whatever( I am soooo NOT computer lingo savy!!)I could email this video to all of you and we would have solved this delema forever ago!! But since you don't, My wonderful brother has so kindly re-formatted it and hosted it on his own blog page!!! Its pretty dang cool! Though, the original is a little smoother in the transitions, and a little clearer picture..and you can make it full screen (for those of you with bad eye sight..) all in all its really great on Jesh's page. So if you want to check it out click the jesh and brooke's blog link on my blog, and it will take you to their family blog page. (blog, blog, blog....) click the "featured video" option in the right hand corner and then click Nathan Christmas!! And it requires if you don't have you guys are sooo behind the can install it pretty easy!! Also, don't start it unless you have at least 15 mintues to contribute to watching it!! (I told you it was a long video!!) So this post is getting pretty long, but I just wanted to say thanks to Jesh for all the work he has done on this for me..He had to do a lot with helping me actually make the video first!! And then all hes done after!! I love you! And if any of you decide to actually get a BIGGER email account, let me know and I will email this over to you!!

Dec 27, 2006


I fixed it..see im not retarded!!!...just a little slower than most....


These posts...well, maybe its just me being computer illiterate..but, my text in my posts is supposed to wrap around the picture on the left side...which is why the picture is more to the right instead of in the middle...but for some reason its not!! In the preview it works but not on the actual page!! grrrrr..I must just be retarded....

I do have two kids!!

Well, since I have a picture of Little Girl I might as well put a picture of The Boy!! I can't believe how big he is getting!! Three years old, going on twenty..with plenty of attitude! Man, whatever happen to the good old days of not knowing how to talk and only knowing how to love your mommy? Though he does love me and he tells me all the time..along with, " mommy your cute and pretty!!" But, that line usually only follows after my stern " don't you do that again" look I give him when he says or does something he shouldn't have...he then tries to butter me up. What a smarty...or is it what a smooth talker!? Either way, that's The Boy for you!

Dec 26, 2006

What? No Video?

Ok, so is there no such thing as posting video on this blog? Or am I just missing it?
Ok, So i am just checking things out...seeing how it all works..I am going to add a picture to my blog post this time...lets see if I get it right....

ahhahh!!! I did it!! I am so proud!! So Here is me and my baby girl at thanksgiving!!! Her hair was way crazy!! It used to stick straight up!! But now its getting longer and starting to lay flat!!

I did it for angela!

ok, so I do have a my space page...but my space is sort of for single people lookin for a little somethin somethin if you know what I I figured this was a little more grown up and sophisticated..since that is exactly what I am! Anyway, now I can put more pictures and hopefully do more fun stuff!!! This is for you angela!! ha ha!!