Apr 22, 2007

A new edition to the family!!

I hope you didn't think I was pregnant..because I'm not!!! I do however have a new baby! His name is Koda..and he's a 7wk old pomeranian puppy!!! (Sooooooooo cute) The Man and I have been contemplating a dog for a while now and we have been looking into all different kinds. Though, a 6-8 pound ( when he's all grown) toy dog wasn't really what Nathan was going for!! He had envisioned something bigger..and more of a retriever. He just went soft after we saw some Pomeranian puppys at the pet store and he decided they weren't so ugly after all! We didn't get Koda from the store though..800 bucks just wasn't in our price range. We found a lady online who was selling some and got him for 250,much better! He's almost potty trained,he goes outside really well and he sleeps in his kennel all night ( with only a few whines..) The kids adore him and so far he's been really good with them. Little Girl loves to give him his little toys and basically points, stares and says " doggy!" over and over. If he comes to close, or tries to lick her she says "no!!" Its pretty funny. Though she is like me and if he does lick her, she'll break out in hives! Other than that the kids, or myself for that matter, haven't had any alergic reactions. Normally I get all itchy and can't breath. But I have been holding him and cuddling and i'm fine!

Koda is only allowed in the kitchen and the back room for now..until he is fully potty trained we have to keep an eye on him. And, contradictory to some peoples opinions..he will NEVER be sleeping in my bed with me! (The Man's taking bets if you care to wager...) Here are some pics of the baby boy. They aren't the best since we took them with The man's camera phone..but you get the general cute factor idea! The Man has declared me officially spoiled.

Apr 19, 2007

More pictures!

Such a soccer stud!

Easter Babies!

Its been long enough...

So time for a new post. Seriously, I don't know why I never get on here and write anything. I have plenty to say and lots of time. So, I don't know.
Anyway, things have been great. The Man still loves his job and is is doing awesome. The parade of homes is coming up soon and his company has a home they are currently building and decorating to be featured in the parade this year. We are hoping to get tickets to go. I really wan't to see all those awesome houses and get some decorating ideas. We haven't even painted or done anything around here really. We hung a few pictures, but when you have a lot of wall space a few pictures doesn't look like much! We did get some grass in our back yard. Heres that story:
The Man's company was ripping up some grass in one of their subdivisions to put in some new trees. They told us we could take all the grass we wanted. So off The Man and I go to roll up these huge, long peices of sod. The Man and I..all alone..just the two of us. (Oh and the kids in tow as well!) It was heavy, and hard! I am not in the best shape of my life, so you can imagine how I felt, all huffing and puffing to get these things in the truck! Anyway..so we got as much grass as we could before it got dark and then took it home and immediatly put in down in the back yard. I thought we had gotten so much that we would have extra, but to my dissmay, it barely even covered half the yard! So we have grass from our back porch to about three feet from our back fence. On the sides..don't even ask. I tell everyone that we have the ghetto yard of the neighborhood! And to top it all off, the other day we accidentally left the sprinkler running ALL NIGHT LONG! We woke up to a lake in our backyard..and the neighbors back yard behind us as well. It was so bad!! And funny at the same time! Our grass seems to be taking and coming in nice and green now though!

On another subject I have just recently taken up going to aerobics at the church here in town. Its three days a week and I get to take the kids with me. They have a blast with all the other kids there and its been so good! At least 15 women go and a few of them are from my ward. I thought it was going to be pretty easy when I first started. Ya know, how hard could a free aerobics class at the church be? Well, i'll tell ya..pretty darn hard!! My arms are hurting while typing this. My butt is so sore I have a hard time sitting and when I laugh, agony my friends, agony. (The Man likes to take advantage of that one!) Not to mention that when I walk..it resembles a plate full of jello jigglers! Especially when I leave from the church. I seriously can barely walk! That little gal who teaches has no mercy, I swear! But it really feels great to get up and out and moving. I am hoping to lose some weight in the process of getting beat up, that would really make it all worth it! So far...I have gained two pounds. Great!! I guess I will have to give up all my junk food as well if I really want results!! :-)

The kids are doing great. Little Girl has learned quite a few more new words."no" is her recent favorite,( thank you Christian!) along with " go" and " yuck!" and she knows a whole sentance now! " I gotta pee!" I wonder where she learned that one...
The Boy is still in preschool and I just discovered that his teacher is teaching them sign language along with their letters! Every day he holds up his hand and says " what letter is this mom?" And he signs "a" or "s" He is doing awesome! He is also in a little soccer leauge and absolutley loves it. They play on saturday morings and it isn't really "soccer" per say. Just stations that they rotate through that are supposed to help them learn the basic skills. They pass the ball to each other, jump over obsticles and try to kick the ball through two cones. They have a blast and he is so stinkin cute in his little uniform! i am going to post some pics so I will do that know..since this is getting really long!!