Mar 29, 2010

Beautiful gaps and gorgeous holes

Remember how bummed I was at the thought of  never seeing The Boy with a gappy smile? Well, my worries were for not! Saturday morning while the kids were watching early morning cartoons and I was sleeping on the couch diligently paying attention to them, The Boy came over and excitedly told me he had lost a tooth! I was so ecstatic and he was so proud he had finally worked it out. We were worried he would have to have them pulled, since his two front adult teeth are almost all the way grown in now!

He quickly put his tiny little tooth in a zip lock bag to be placed under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. The next morning the Tooth Fairy had accidentally forgotten all about the tiny little tooth. She must have been busy watching T.V. all night or something....*cough cough* Good thing the bag had actually fallen off of the bed and was hiding underneath it, so we blamed the accident on the inability for the busy fairy to locate the tooth. ( yes, I am a totally lame mom, but the man is a totally lame dad too!) :) So the next night we placed the bag strategically inside The Boys pillow case so it wouldn't fall out again.

When the tooth fairy remembered to actually do her job sunday night, she reached into The Boy's case only to find that he had already taken his tooth out out and put it back underneath his pillow. She sort of freaked out for a minute, trying to feel around for it without waking up the sleeping child, but soon had in hand and left the coveted dollar bill in its place. (wow..can we say inflation!? I remember getting a quarter for a lost tooth when I was little!) In the morning, he was up a whole lot earlier than usual and came running in to show us his prize.

(look at that cute little gap! Awwww....)

It was a pretty fun experience, the first one of its kind for us, and we loved every minute of it!

(Since we were worried about his his teeth not falling out, we made an appointment with the dentist. She said the second one on the bottom front would most likely fall out on its own (its pretty loose!) but needed to fall out before the adult teeth grew all the way in otherwise his tongue would push the top of the teeth out and tip them over, instead of just pushing them straight out. So, we have been encouraging him to wiggle that tooth!) 

Mar 28, 2010

Sunday realizations

I just realized something......

Today was the Sunday before Easter

Next Sunday is Easter...and conference, therefore:

We will have NO church next week and today I totally ruined the one chance I had to dress my kids up in their matchy-matchy super cute easter duds, take them to sacrament and completely objectify them for everyones viewing pleasure and my vanity.

What a gyp.... :)

*I would have been so cute in my fluffy little dress mommy! You picked it out just for me!*

Mar 26, 2010

Making my blog beautiful today

I just discovered something amazing! Some of you cool, savvy bloggers out there probably already knew about this blogger has a feature that allows you to have more than one page for your blog! This means you can have an "about me" page, or a "recipies" page or even a "tutorials" page. SOOOO cool! I was just thinking how I wanted to start writing more things down about each of my children individually, but didn't want to clog up the main body of my blog. Now I totally can! Here is the cutest blog where I found the tutorial. I can't wait to get it all up and running! Although I think I have been on blogger all day trying to make it look cute, so I might have to take a break and actually parent my children for a while! :) Have fun ladies....

Mar 24, 2010

Spring Break

We spent the week of spring break up in Cda. (only cool people know what that stands for!) I did bring my camera, however...I never seem to have the right timing with it. I bring it out when NOTHING is happening and then forget to take it when we go anywhere cool. Oh well. :) I did manage to take a few shots of my mommy's house when I was there. My mom is AWESOME at design and her style is rustic mixed with a little modern. She loves old things and has had some of the same pieces since before I was born. Unfortunately I only managed to get a few shots of only two rooms before I had to leave, but someday I will get the whole thing...she really is amazing with the things she does. I love her!

Mar 10, 2010

you are sooo funny...

May I be candid with you all? Yes? Thank, you I knew I could say whatever I wanted to  around here and you all would still love and appreciate me..and possible have a little empathy for this selfish mother! :)

To be frank, The Man thinks its about time we had another baby. Haaa haa haa haa HAaa haa....!! (oh, please excuse my insane laughter..)  I will tell you right now... I. AM. NOT. READY.

To be fair, the reasoning behind his time frame is mostly due to his thoughtfulness of my needs. How so? Well, in about a year and a half we will be starting our first year of dental school. *knock on wood* A first year school schedule consist of 28-32 full time credit hours, which basically renders me a single mother. He feels the sooner we have a baby, the older he/she (though hopefully a he. No more girls PLEASE!) will be when I am pretty much on my own. No to mention the fact that we would be done having kids all together. *knock on wood even harder*

But, to be incredibly honest even just the thought of having another child right now makes me physically exhausted, and somewhat sick to my stomach. It could be due to the fact that I already have three kids with completely conflicting schedules, or that I am also in school. I could be that I have too much weight to lose before I even want to think about it, or it could mostly be due to being Selfish. Its true. I am..but only with my free time. I LOVE the age my kids are at right now. They are able to go to bed without me present. They don't need my boobs for nourishment and I can stay out as long as I want to without worrying whether or not they are screaming bloody murder, and then having that thought induce embarrassing lactation accidents. *sigh* Its wonderful. I also can't help but remember THIS...and it literally makes me shutter. Ha Ha :)

Am I the only one who feels this way? Come on ladies, what do you think?

Mar 6, 2010

What the?!

A while ago I was thinking about how behind The Boy is from the rest of his class mates. Not that he is behind mentally..are you kidding, that boy is smart! No, he was behind somewhat tooth-ily. ( no, its not a word...but I don't care! The Man constantly makes fun of me for making up words that I swear really exist!) :)

All of The Boys friends were losing their teeth, walking around with beautiful gaps and gorgeous empty spaces. What was up? Seriously!

I was beginning to get worried until one day a few weeks ago The Boy came home from school and excitedly told me that he had a front bottom tooth that was loose! I couldn't believe it! I it was like the tooth fairy had read my mind and decided to ease my crazy obsession! So I immediately pulled him over and had him open his mouth, only to be shocked an appalled at what I saw:

yes, people...thats right..its an adult tooth, sneaking in behind that loose baby one.  I could not believe it!
I didn't even know they could grow in before you lost the little one!

He has been working that loose tooth for a while now, and since this picture was taken, his other front baby tooth has become loose and yet ANOTHER adult tooth has grown in behind it! Plus, his six year old molars are coming in in the back on the top. I also had no idea that six year old molars existed! ( obviously I am really into the fact that The Man in going to be a dentist, I have done nooooooo research...) So when you look into his mouth he has FOUR teeth right in the front. Let me tell you..its pretty creepy! So instead of losing any teeth, he is just gaining them at a rapid rate! darn..

The dentist said they will most likely have to be pulled. So sad..all that excitement on my end for The Boy to have a little whistle when he says his "S's" was for nothing! No beautiful holes or gorgeous gaps for this boy. At least for now... *sigh* someday....