Nov 30, 2007

I must have been in a bad mood..

Do you ever post a blog thinking that its fantastic and then go in the next day to re-read it and discover that it really was a tad little bit off?

I think my last post sounds a little harsh, and whiny and well, a lot like a little baby!

Sorry about that. My usual happy-go-lucky personality must be hiding behind my exhaustion. Though it did feel good to vent a little, so maybe we can all just forget the entire episode!

So today is Friday! I'm excited for the weekend. It will finally be December. Why has November dragged on for sooooo long? Hopefully tomorrow we will go get our Christmas tree and we can finally have a place that looks nice to stash the 50 (ok, so maybe only like 10..but looks like a lot more!) gifts my mother sent down with my sis after thanksgiving. ( wow, that was a long sentence!) They have been piled up in the corner of my front room and my children are going crazy! The Boy thinks they are ALL for him and cannot grasp the concept of possibly having to share them. Little Girl just loves all the pretty wrapping and wants to tear it off and keep it forever. I just want to know what is in the REALLY BIG ONE labeled Ashleigh. Oh yeah, I'm just as bad as my kids I suppose. But I have refrained from picking it up and shaking it to hear what rattles around. Mostly due to its mammoth size, but also because I like surprises!

So tomorrow the tree and I will bring out all of my decorations and it will be beautiful. And my house will be lovely as well. My mommy gave me a bunch of decorative stuff from her house last year, so it will be nice to actually have something to put up. Although I have no shelves or books cases, so its going to be interesting to see where it all ends up. I might suffer from a heart attack by the end of this month from trying to keep my babies away from all my nice, fragile and oh so important to me Christmas decorations that will all be crammed onto the front room coffee table!

So Happy Holidays to everyone. I am requesting addresses from everyone who might want to receive a Christmas card and family letter from the Browns, so feel free to let me know! I am also looking for awesome, terrific and amazing gift ideas for 27 year old men. Of course its not for my husband...ha ha ha..I already know everything to get him because I am a great, all knowing wife, its for someone else I know......yeah that's it, someone else I know who wants to know what to get HER 27 year old husband. You believe me, right?

Nov 28, 2007

Third time's a bust..

I love being pregnant. At least I thought I did. Do I remember that far back?

First five years ago, and then three?

I do recall my first pregnancy with my son. I was 19 and skinny and fit and, if I may say so, pretty freakin cute. At least that's what everyone was saying... I loved it and I was hardly sick and I thought, " this is a piece of cake!!"

And then I gave birth... with no drugs.

I think I was in some mountain woman frame of mind where I thought that if my ancestors could do it, by George, so could I!

Boy, did their lives suck!

And baby number two.

I was excited, I was happy, I was not in as great shape as I used to be.

And we had stairs!

So, I spent a lot of time throwing things up to the top of those stairs and finding good excuses as to why The Man needed to go up there. " Oh and could you pick up that stuff that seems to be accumulating around the the last couple of steps? No, I have no idea how it all got there."

I was never really sick, nauseous yes. But in general, it was a pleasant experience.

And now we come to prego Ashleigh round three.

I won't even sugar coat it and say I'm a little behind in my exercise, or that I'm just not 19 anymore. I am fat people, big. I can not go up and down my now hated stair case more than twice in a row without stopping to catch my breath. Its sad, I know..but you have seen those stats I posted over there. I'm not as little as I once was. ( though since I got pregnant I have lost six pounds..)

This pregnancy is killing me!

I have never felt so much like a piece of doggy poo in my entire life. And If I have, it definitely didn't last this long! I can hardly eat anything, the smells alone make me want to run screaming for the sanctuary of the toilet bowl. I have no energy and my husband doesn't remember what I used to look like, pre- all day PJ's and hair from the Adams family.

He does however think its funny to casually suggest that twice as sick might mean twice as many babies in there.

I casually suggested he shove that comment somewhere where it might help him to know what it would feel like to give birth to those two babies.

Anyway, why am I laying this all out for you? Why am I dumping my load. Well, because it feels better to do it, darn it and I want everyone to know that I am not ignoring them or finding new friends who are cooler and more fun. Oh no, I would never.....

I'm just sick out of my mind and the thought of leaving the house and having fun just makes me want to vomit.

It also makes it hard to want to sit in one place staring at a computer screen and trying to come up with something witty and funny enough to entertain you all so you'll want to keep coming back. I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE PRESSURE!

Plus, my hormones have a mind of their own and I can't be held responsible for what I might say or do! ;-)

So there might be a lag in posting, if you haven't already noticed. Hopefully in about one month( and then six months after that..) this will all just be a remnant of some horrible nightmare, bits and pieces of which I can remember, but most of it blessedly gone from memory. Its Heavenly Fathers sneaky way of tricking us into having more children. ;-)

Keep your heads up and send " feel better and lets hang out" vibes my way and soon Ashleigh will be back to her old self again! Only just a lot fatter.....

Nov 13, 2007

The Discovery

Last night in the tub The Boy discovered part of his " manhood" that he didn't know he had. He was actually quite concerned about it, wondering why he had them and why he couldn't just rip them off. ( oh yeah, the thought of that sends pain shooting through my legs...) I very calmly and rationally explained to him that it would be very painful if he tried and that he needed them for later use in life, when he grew up to be a man and got married and wanted to have babies. " but why?" he said so innocently. " If you ever want to have babies, you have to keep them", I said. " And if you have any further questions about this, go see your father."

Its special bonding moments like these that make being a mother totally worth it........... ;-)

Nov 10, 2007

The bane of my existance

Grocery shopping.
Two kids.
Saturday morning.

Enough said.

Nov 9, 2007

Beautiful Babes

My mom just sent me these pictures. They are from the Jensen Family reunion this last summer. My kids are gorgeous! I had to share. ;-)

Since this summer we have learned to do pigtails the right way...

The baby swing? What a ham....


I am so happy its Friday, though I have no idea why I look forward to the weekend. Its not like I'm off of work or I don't have to do the millions of things I normally have to! But in honor of this day I am going to cheat at blogging and participate in Friday Fill In hosted by Fond Of Snape!

1. Plans and schedules are direly needed around this house!

2. I'm happy when things are crazy and I'm having fun being me. ( i.e. Girls night out!)

3. The last thing I drank was a huge thing of water before I went to bed last night. Winter totally dries me out man!

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is my children and my picture albums oh and my Husband! ( not necessarily in that order....) ;-)

5. I like lots of cheese and nothing else on my pizza

6. Dear November, Please fly by quickly and be kind to me when Thanksgiving arrives. I would like to be sane afterward, but seeing as how this will be my first Thanksgiving at my own house and I am making dinner for lots of people, I don't for see anything but the nut house in my future......

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying home cuz we're dead broke, tomorrow my plans include, cleaning out the filthy car that has suddenly developed a strange smell, and Sunday I want to sleep all day because being prego makes you a sloth.

For more Friday Fill Ins head over and check out Fond Of Snape!

Nov 8, 2007

The world, it frightens me

We never leave our house doors unlocked. Ever. Even if we are home.

Our car doors aren't any different.

When we leave for vacation we lock the big garage door so it can't be lifted up.

All the windows are locked and checked regularly if we aren't using them.

My children aren't allowed to play outside without me. ( granted we have no anyone could wander in and take them. Or they do have a habit of wandering away themselves...)

My mother taught me to never answer the phone when she wasn't home, unless it was the "secret ring." She would call, let it ring twice, hang up and then call back. I will teach my children the same thing.

We had a secret code to use when someone would come to pick us up and claim to have been sent by my parents. It was S.O.S. My kids will have one too. ( though, maybe a different code now that I told you all what it was!)

My children know all about " stranger danger." The Boy knows who to talk to if he gets lost. He knows just how loud to scream and yell if someone who isn't his mommy or daddy tries to take him. He also knows that if he is being followed by someone he doesn't know, he is to run home as fast as he can. He knows what to say and who to talk to if someone tries( or succeeds) to touch him in inappropriate places. We sing songs about it, we act it out and we constantly talk about it. Once, having to find his mom was put to the test for real and it scared me to death. He did great.

Do you think I am being overly paranoid? Am I worried to much? Do I stifle my children, or scare them?

I think not.

I received an email today from one of my good friends that told of a news report of four little girls being molested inside a church building. The man just walked right in and no one knew. He also lured one of the little girls outside into his car and took off with her. He went inside a church, where people were, where their parents were. Now you know why my doors are always locked.

Its scares me to hear all the stories, to hear myself say, "that happened so far away, it couldn't happen to us." I would hate to become a victim because I was naive.

We live happy, healthy, normal lives. My children run and play just as much as any others. We go out and do things and I realize I will have to let The Boy go to the men's room on his own sometime in his life, maybe when he's 15. We love being together and being safe and I just want to keep it that way.

Am I crazy?

Nov 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Those eyes
For more wordless Wednesday go here

Nov 6, 2007

Sugar sucks!...reason number 8

Ok, its been a while since I posted one of these, but due to my recent sugar binge, I really need to remind myself excatly why I started the whole no-sugar thing in the first place! My head is killing me!! So here it is:

Sugar causes food allergies

( Piont in case: My husband's father..and my husband as well I allergic to cantelope. Sad I know, that stuff is sooooo good! It makes his throat itch and close up and sharp pains occur in his sides and random places in his body around his back. His wife ( my mother in law) decided to kick sugar about five years ago and has been doing awesome ( go terry!) ever since. Well, my father in law decided to join her and after a few weeks of being sugar free, discovered that he could eat cantelope without any problems! It was amazing! He has been off and on with sugar over the years and every time he's on, his allergies flare up, and everytime he's off, they go away. Crazy huh? Just think of all the food allergies you have that you might not experience any longer if you just gave up that sweet white stuff? Think of all the foods you could eat! Its a miracle!) ;-)

Dear Internet

I've been trying to find the right way of telling you this for a while now. I'm not sure the best way to put it, so I will just come right out and say it.

I'm pregnant.

Yes, I know I'm crazy. Yes, I do already have two kids and they do take up all of my time and money and sanity. No, I don't think I was on something when I made the decision to have another baby. It wasn't even my decision alone you know! And technically, if you really think about it, Its The Man's fault. He did it to me.

Now of course I have thought this through and weighed it from every side. The pros, the cons, the long nights, the exciting moments. These last couple of months of trying have been a jumble of mixed emotions, but underneath it all was a current of excitement and joy. We want to have another baby.

You believe me right? This is a happy thing. I can just overlook the thirty or more pounds I'm bound to gain. I will ignore the magically appearing stretch lines that decorate my body like strange tattoos. What is that people say about those? They are war wounds, battle scars, decorations of honor. That's right. And the nausea? Well, that part's bad, its hard to not think about it when you're on the verge of puking 24/7. But I will be fine, it will all be fine.

Really though, I am looking forward to being pregnant. I love it. And then comes the baby. Those tiny hands and feet. The sweet smell of baby lotion and spit up. Toothless grins and first tiny laughs. And the heartache you feel when you realize your baby isn't such a baby anymore. Its hard to experience so many highs and lows in such a compacted amount of time. You almost think your heart can't take it! But this is what it was made for.

So there you have it. I have finally told you. Im having a baby. I will have three kids. I will not go insane. I am so happy. ;-)

Nov 5, 2007

This one goes out to the man

( Just a warning might get a little mushy.)

I think you all might know this, but just in case you don't, I'll tell ya:

Im married.

Why, you ask, am I making such and obvious statement? Here's the story:

I have a husband who is a great guy. He's loving and loyal and smart and hot and driven and focused and funny and about a million other good things. However, sometimes he can be a little insecure. Not about himself, mind he knows he's all those things I just descibed, he's just a little insecure about me pretending to be single.

Ok, joke, joke, laugh, laugh. I don't really pretend to be single, in fact quite the contrary. I talk about The Man a lot! For instance here ( under " get his attention") or even here. I'm pretty sure I mention him here to! And if you look over to your right, he is definitely talked about in my "thanks for checking me out" shpeel.

So it came as a suprise to me when, the other day, The Man said that my blog made me look like I was a single mom. Ha ha, if I was a single mom , I think the whole thing would have a lot more " my appologies for being gone for such a long time, I was at the nut house......again " posts. (no offense to single mothers, you guys are amazing!)

I think his comment probably stemmed from the fact that I have no pictures of him. Well its not true, there is one at the very bottom of my home page, underneath my player. Its a picture of him chasing The Boy around our back yard. It's one of my favorites. However, it is true that there are no pictures of he and I together, looking like we actually like each other. If I hade any recent ones, I would put them up. But, since I am the only one who takes any pics around here, and there isn't anyone else to say, " hey, you guys get in together and I'll take it!", it makes it a little more understandable.

I do have pictures of us when we were dating, and when we got married and one from last year. So I am putting these pictures up for all to behold and witness that I have a husband, whom I love deeply and utterly and who I couldn't imagine my life without!

(Everyone take a look and comment on how great we look together and how married and in love I personally look so I can pass it on to The man and he can feel a little more secure with his life and his wifey-poo!) ;-)

Nov 3, 2007

Sucker punched

October was the craziest month ever. Like I said, I was gone for half of it and now my entire family is sick. It really sucks! I think its the flu. My sister is having a reception this weekend in CoeurdAlene and we can't go because we're all achy and puking! ( ew gross, I know!)

Now as most of you know, I have been off of sugar for probably a good month now and its been great. My headaches have disappeared and my energy levels are higher than they have been in a very long time. So its sad to say that Halloween came and slugged me right in the face, I wasn't even looking! It was a cheap shot I tell ya.

Candy, buckets of it, is now residing in my house. I thought I was strong enough to resist. I was wrong.

You know that smell of all the different kinds of goodies mixed together in one huge bowl? It brings back memories of childhood Halloweens past, cold nights of running around screaming and laughing with friends. Finally being old enough to go without parents and being able to keep all the candy you so diligently collected on your own. These are the things I think about when I secretly enter my pantry to sniff at the plethora of sugary filled delights I have so stupidly allowed to accumulate in my home.

But what thoughts enter my head as I stuff them all into my mouth? " those headaches are going to come back and its really going to be bad!" " Ashleigh, you have no will power, whats wrong with you?" " this chocolate is going to go straight to your thighs! Not to mention your stomach, arms, face and booty.....come on man!!" " so much for losing weight!"

I know, harsh right?

But as I have been sitting around for two days, being totally sick out of my mind, I have decided that, although I did give in to the evils of sugar for a few days, its ok. I can start over, tomorrow is a new day, no one is perfect. Every now and then there will be times when I will want to have a piece of cake, or a sip of a milkshake. And that is ok.

So yes, October was a crazy month. And getting punched hurts! :-) Hopefully November will be a little quieter and back to normal! We are planning on having thanksgiving at our house and The Mans parents are coming down to spend it with us, so the end of November might get a little out of control, but we shall see!

Nov 1, 2007

The ever elusive blog post

So, this month has been a crazy one. (OK, technically it was last month) We were out of town every weekend! Needless to say, blogging has come last on a very long list of things to get done! Not that I don't love you guys......;-)

The rest of this year will be a lot calmer, we will be staying home for thanksgiving, and probably Christmas as well. Which kind of sucks. Its hard to grow up and away from your family. I'm a home body and I love hanging out with my parents and siblings. I have a hard time spending big holidays with just my husband and kids. It feels a little lonely sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love them all and love to spend time with them. Its just different.

Any who, hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing something everyday.

Does anyone else ever have to scratch their brains to come up with something interesting and funny to blog about? Ya know, so no one is yawning by the time they are done reading it? My life isn't that interesting people! But I do like to write, so I do it anyway!

I am now trying to type one handed because Little Girl is tired and wants her mommy's lap, and her mommy's hair. She's a hair girl, it soothes her to run her fingers through it. Not her own, mind you, but mine! :-)

My hand is cramping up so I gotsta jet. More to come tomorrow! ( and a really big surprise!) So come on back and check it out!