So who is "A" anyway?

Hey there! This is Ashleigh...the "A" in A is for Amazing!

I am a married for twelve years mom of four who's interests lie in attempting to craft, learning to sew more than a straight line and trying to balance a family, a household, a business, my coveted "me time" and my sanity.  Its a definite work in progress!

I love warm walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, bubbles baths and.... joking around. ( but not about the bubble baths, are you kidding me!? A necessary addiction.)  I believe a good "laugh until you cry" episode is like medicine for the soul. I try to have them as often as possible.

Oh, and I have a glass eye. Its true!

Have any questions? Concerns? Compliments? Random tidbits of info?

Give me a shout!