Sep 29, 2008

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Sep 26, 2008

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Sep 25, 2008

Heaven is a posturepedic

Imagine, if you will, moving many, many times. Now envision in your mind spending hours and hours unpacking boxes, putting stuff away and dealing with three young children all at the same time.  

Now think about the end of this long day, how tired are you? How utterly exhausted?  What more do you want to do than just lay down and go to sleep? And what would you like to lay down upon? What vessel would you choose to take your spent self in to happy, happy dreamland? Would, in any of your wild imaginings, you choose an air mattress?


Why ever not?

Because they are hard, cold, squeaky, very low to the ground and downright uncomfortable!

This, my friends, is what I have had to deal with every time we have moved since April of 2005.
We sold our bed (and pretty much everything else we owned) and moved to good old Alaska. After that its been air mattress city for at least the first month or so of living in a new place.

We've never bought a new bed, its always been borrowed. Weird did you say? Yes, but if you knew my husband then you would know that he could care less what he sleeps on, as long as it was cheap! ;-) Technically the air mattress we have been sleeping on was borrowed as well, so he has been quite happy. Until now. 

These past few weeks have been bad for both of us. Back pain, neck pain, general all around grumpiness. All because of a bed made out of air. 

I have a bad back anyway, its been that way since I can remember, so for me to sleep on such a thing was killing me! I convinced him we needed a real bed and we needed a nice one! One with support, one with bouncy coils, one that was soft!  So we started looking around. Now when I say looking around, I don't mean at a furniture store. Remember, my man likes a deal. So we searched Craig's list, garage sales, good will, pretty much anywhere that wouldn't be expensive. We looked forever! 


One day The Mans mom called us up asking if we would be interested in a certain bed she had found at a garage sale. It was a queen sized, double pillow top, Sealy Posturepedic mattress with matching box spring. They had claimed it was two yeas old, that it only spent its time in the guest room, that it cost them a thousand dollars and that they flipped it every six months, religiously. They would take 225 for it. 


We were a little nervous at first, buying a used bed. You know..germs..ew. But it is so pretty, it doesn't even look like anyone has ever slept on it. It came in its original box even! We vacuumed and disinfected it and my friends it is seriously like laying on a cloud! It even inspired me to buy all new comfy, supportive pillows. (and cases and shams and sheets and a comforter, I know Im spoiled.) But,  I'm actually dreaming again, which means I'm getting that good deep sleep that has eluded me for so long! No pains, no tossing around, nothing at all really. I fall asleep and I don't wake up again until morning! ( well, at least until baby girl decides to wake up!)  It truly is heaven!  Not to mention the bonus of having a cute bed in my room again, one that I actually own! Hooray!

So here you go, pictures of my bed, because I am so in love with it!


Sep 24, 2008

I've been looking for a part time job....

I've got enough to go around. 
But, would you eat it?

Go here to see what im talking about!

Sep 23, 2008

pee = tea

My daughter is the most stubborn little girl that I think has ever been created. I'm sure most mothers with little girls probably say the same about their own, but these last few months my child takes the cake. 

Potty training. In our house,  it has become a four letter word. Little girl has REFUSED to do it. She would pee every now and then for treats, but soon discovered she could go a little, hold the rest in, get a treat and then go a little again, hold the rest in and get another treat. (Sometimes she is too smart for her own good.) We soon got rid of treats and tried bribing her with toys. We went to the dollar store and bought anything she picked out. We told her every time she pooped on the potty, she would get one. She was really excited about it, for about ten minutes. After that, she couldn't have cared less. No matter how much I coaxed and showed off the prizes, she would say, " no I don't want it" or " no, I don't need to."  So we gave up for a while. I knew that we were moving soon and a big disruption like that would probably mess everything up anyway. So we moved here and tried again. No dice. 

We soon discovered it was a control thing. She couldn't control anything else in her life but when an where she went the bathroom! ;-) She had all the signs of being ready. She knew when she had to go, we would watch her all of the sudden stop what she was doing, quietly leave for another room and a few minutes later come back smelling a whole lot worse than when she left. She would never tell us if she did and if you know the craziness of a three child household you know that I can't always find the time too sniff her butt to see if something is amiss! I finally in desperation told her that if she would just go poop on the potty I would buy her anything in the whole world that she ever has wanted. She decided a tea set and a party would be quite right, thank you very much.

Which brings us to this week. One afternoon my friend brought Little girl back from playing at their house and said she thought Little girl might be trying to poop but was having a hard time with it. I didn't think much of it until a few minutes later she started crying and grabbing at her diaper. I thought it may be the beginnings of a diaper rash ( she gets those a lot!) but couldn't see any of the signs of one. I shrugged it off until later that night when she started  bloodcurdling screaming and freaking out. It continued on all night. Every now and then she would scream and shake and cry and we couldn't figure it out. I was crying right along with her. We decided to take her to the quick care and found out she had a urinary tract infection . Did you know you can get those at 2 years old? Well,  I guess you can. Poor girl. 

Since then ( and after long repeated talks about how she wouldn't get rashes and infections if she would just go on the toilet..talks we have had for about half a year now) she has decided on her own that it might be better for us all if she started going on the potty! HOORAY!!!!

She has really picked it up and been doing so good. Yesterday she pooped twice ( which brought whoops and hollers of joy from The Man and I) and this morning we were off to the store to pick out her perfect tea set!  She is so in love with it and we have had a few parties together already today, with apple juice of course! 

I know this post might seem a little gross, but I had to put it up. I am just so happy! :-)

( yea, a good smile!!)

DId someone say soccer mom?

Well, its happened. The cliche "soccer mom with mini van" stereotype has finally caught up with me. I don't actually have a mini van, but a suburban is close enough! 

Seth started soccer this last week and he loves it. Its so funny to watch all the kids run around and try to get the ball. They don't keep score and they emphasize that its all about fun. Basically if you get it in the right goal your doing great! 

He looks so cute in his uniform and he has the skinniest chicken legs! I love it!

I know its really fuzzy, but about one second after I took it, he scored a goal. I wasn't fast enough!

He couldn't leave the nets alone! He was so concerned that they weren't tied on right or something...

Sep 22, 2008

say cheeese!

No matter how I beg and plead with Little Girl, she just wont ever give me a good smile! She has the best smile and the most contagious giggle. However when I get out the camera, she either runs and hides ( thinking its funny..) or she gives me a huge scrunched up grimace face.  Its kind of funny...for about one minute! ;-) Its makes it kind of hard to get a good picture. Silly girl!

Hes the best big brother!

The Boy LOVES his little sisters. He is always asking me if he can hold baby girl or if he can help me with her in any way. He was the same way with little girl. And they love him back. Little Girl thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread and they are really good friends. He always wants to take pics with baby girl, so here are a few. 

Oh how they grow

I can't believe it has already been almost three months since baby girl was brought into this world. It always amazes me how fast they grow in such a short time. She has gotten so chunky and absolutely LOVES to talk. She will sit and babble on forever, especially if you are babbling back. She is definitely her mothers daughter. ;-) 

Sep 18, 2008

The Boy's last first day..

For those of you who don't know my son turned five this year. His birthday being the end of August,  technically qualifies him for kindergarten. However, in our all powerful and wise parental knowledge we decided to keep him back one more year. He is certainly smart enough to be in school and socially he excels. But emotionally, he needs a little growing. Since this decision I have debated whether or not I wanted to do something with him at home this year or find a preschool for him to attend. After having my  baby I have found out it isn't as easy to take care of three as I was dreaming! So I decided to let someone else take care of his Pre-K needs.

We just moved to town so it took me a while to find a place I liked and at a reasonable rate. (Come on people its preschool..not a private Ivy League prep school for the incredibly gifted..sheesh!)
Finally I found a little day school that he is just in love with. And at three days a week for three and a half hours, I am in love too! The monthly fee is a little high, but when your used to paying fifty bucks a month, anything else is expensive. ;-)

S here are some pictures of his last first day of preschool. I cannot believe how big he has gotten. He is just such a good lookin kid! ( he gets it from his dad!)

I love this forced smile and one blinded little girl. 
We are trying to grow her bangs out!
He has to always make a funny face....
Hands up against the wall!!
Little Girls grimace face. This is her " CHEEEEEEESE!!" look.

Oh yea, so tough!

Sep 17, 2008

I cant decide who to vote for...

So I'm going with an independent...check it out!
( press pause on my music player first...) ;-)

Sep 16, 2008

Oh so cute

So I changed my blog up a bit..whadya think.?A little more mature and a whole lot less vain! That huge picture of me in the header was just a little too much. ;-) Check out the link to Leelous blog designs on the cute!  She has a ton of free ones and they are all really stylish and chic! ( and so easy to install..unlike the last time I changed my blog and it erased everything!!) Anyway, thanks Heather for inadvertently  leading me to Leelou, your page is so cute! 

And I have a ton of pics I need to post so I will get those up. Lyla is huge! ( and super chunky..) Seth started school and soccer and Eden never wants to smile..she just gives me a scrunched up, grimace face! Its funny! 

Stay tuned.

Sep 12, 2008

ok, I love my imac..but I have no idea how to use it!

I want to post pics...but I don't know where to insert my memory card! ;-) Ha Ha. I will just have to ask The Man when he gets back.

Anyway, did I mention how much I LOVE being closer to home? Just this very afternoon we are taking a trip to cda. And how long is it going to take us? One hour and fifteen minutes. How long did it take us before? Seven hours or more depending on how many times Little Girl puked.
Oh heaven to be able to make a trip without vomit! And how cool is it that we can just take them spur of the moment?

Actually it isn't really spur of the moment, I am going home to pick up my NEW sewing machine! Technically it isn't "new. Its actually almost 30 years old.  ( hee hee hee) But its new to me. I found it on craigslist ( love that guys list!) and its a Sears Kenmore that was made in the early eighties. The guy told me that it had been in storage since 1988. Can you believe it?  just hangin out down in his basement. His wife died when his kids were about 10 he said and she had only used it once to make a set of curtains! His granddaughter had wanted to use it so they took it out of the basement, got it fully serviced and then she changed her mind. So I found it and bought it. Wanna know for how much?

40 bucks

And it comes with a whole book on sewing ( which I seriously need) My mother in law has one almost identical to it, and I have sewn on hers a million times before so I should be able to figure this one out. The only drawback is that it weighs a ton!! But that just means its sturdy right? I mean it has lasted for 28 years already......I can' wait to get started on all the projects I have had in mind forever!

wanna check it out? click here--> yea for my sewing machine!!

Sep 11, 2008

9/11 Where were you?

My family used to have this outdoor shed that was wired with electricity and had lights inside and all. We used it as a bedroom and at this particular time I was using it as my room. I had just graduated from highschool and was in transition from summer fun to oh crap I have to find a job now. 
I was sleeping in when my mom came into the shed in tears. She woke me up and told me that something terrible had happened. I shot up and asked if everyone was alright, naturally assuming something had happened to a family member.  Everyone was fine of course, but as she told me a plane had crashed into the world trade center, in my mind I was like, " what is that, why is that a big deal? " ( I wasn't to concerned with world events, as you can tell..)  I followed her into the house where the tv was on and sat there for hours watching the screen,finally understanding, and crying. I couldn't believe something that that could ever happen and I was scared. 
I remember hearing the presidents speech afterward about how we would come together as a nation and and overcome. I have never seen so many flags on houses and cars as I did then. Every time I saw one I would become an emotional mess and just cry.  ( not so convenient when you are tying to drive!) 

I love this country and feel so blessed to live in a place where I have the freedoms and safety that I do. I am thankful for the men and women who put their lives on the line so that I have these things.

Sep 9, 2008

Who said I had time?

So I know I always post about how much more I am going to post,if that makes sense, but it seems to always be not quite the truth. I keep thinking, "oh Baby girl will be asleep here in about... never... and I will blog then." Of course then laundry calls and says its way overdue for a cleaning and my kitchen starts crying because she somehow got her nice floor dirty. While I try to deal with two things at once my bathroom decides to puke and I can't find a clean towel for the life of me..oh yea, they're all in the laundry.....

Sep 3, 2008

I finally have a minute

Wow, here we are. Finally! All moved in to our new apartment ( good old apartment I have not missed you..) and feeling settled. The man just started classes and I am already a single mom, he's either in class, studying for class or job shadowing dentists to get into dental school for more classes! Always fun. 

On a happier note we LOVE where we live. The complex has a large LDS population with tons of kids. Every person in my stair well is LDS and the girls are great! They are all really nice and friendly and that makes a huge difference in how the moving transition goes.  The Boy is in heaven with all his friends here and little girl is getting in on the action as well. I noticed all day yesterday how grown up my children are becoming. The Boy just looks like well..a little boy, no more baby fat on that one. He is skinny as a rail. And Little girl is getting taller and thinning out and getting farther away from my little baby everyday. I was sad and happy all at the same time. Lyla is getting huge! I forget how fast my babies pack on the fat. What a pudge, but it is so cute! ;-) She is smiling at you all the time now and I think she is right on the verge of laughing. I can't wait! I would post pictures but  my camera is MIA and I haven't been able to take any. Hopefully that will change soon. ( hint hint Kim!)

Now that we are here I will now be posting regularly again, for those three of you who actually read this...I know you are so ecstatic!  I missed writing....