Sep 23, 2008

DId someone say soccer mom?

Well, its happened. The cliche "soccer mom with mini van" stereotype has finally caught up with me. I don't actually have a mini van, but a suburban is close enough! 

Seth started soccer this last week and he loves it. Its so funny to watch all the kids run around and try to get the ball. They don't keep score and they emphasize that its all about fun. Basically if you get it in the right goal your doing great! 

He looks so cute in his uniform and he has the skinniest chicken legs! I love it!

I know its really fuzzy, but about one second after I took it, he scored a goal. I wasn't fast enough!

He couldn't leave the nets alone! He was so concerned that they weren't tied on right or something...

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  1. How cute! Gosh Ash I cant believe how grown up he is. Is he feeling better? I felt so bad for him the other night. I was good to see you guys.


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