May 29, 2008

My little boy

A tribute

Tiny fingers

Tiny toes

Grown up now

The way it goes.

Always willing

To do whats asked

Helping mom

With any task.




And true

All these things

Make you


Full of life



Sent to me

From God above.

He knew it seems

I'd need you here

To help me keep

My pathway clear.

I was meant

From time before

To be the one

Who loves you more

Than life itself

My sweet, sweet child

You'll always be mine

My steady rock in the wild.

May 28, 2008

Remember this?

Wow, we look hot!
I ran across this today in my Picasa albums, I thought I didn't have a copy. Me and Kim, happy days..
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May 14, 2008

A weekend in pictures

This last weekend we had a lot of fun. We took the kids fishing to this little pond thats is chalked full of tiny, kid sized fish. They loved it! The Boy is pretty effecient at using his pole. Little girl kept trying to shove the whole thing into the water. They both caught two and were so happy!

Get your hair did...

Soooo, this week my good friends little sister was in town. She is in hair school and so stinkin' cute! I decided that I definitely needed a change. ( it may have been my hormones talking..) My hair was really sad. I had at least three inches of grow out from my last highlighting and it was so limp and sorta mushroom head-ish. I went over to her house and she made me look beautiful again! Here are some before and afters:

It wouldn't stay out of my face! And it did this rounded curved under on the top thing and then flipped out at the bottom!

Now we have chunky blonde highlights, dark brown low lights and the underneath in the back is a really dark brown with a hint of red. I got some more layers, which helped eliminate the mushroom effect and just a hint of bang. So cute!!

Thanks Nissy!

May 6, 2008

Womens conference

I must say that I had one of the best weeks ever last week. Although I came home completely exausted and was well worth it. A bunch of my friends (and thier mommies!) and I went down to BYU for Womens conference. It was packed full of women, of course and amazing classes that were so what I needed to hear. We stayed in the dorms ( not so comfy) and had a blast talking, acting crazy and being spiritually uplifted. I came home with a new resolve to be better and to change so many things about my life and how I live it that I wasn't very happy with. I am excited to see what happens!

Here are some pics documenting this incredible trip! May I remind you that I am eight months not the best pics of myself. You don't really realize how round you are until you see it in a picture. ;-)

First night in the dorms ( we were all realy tired!)

Anna and I ( we pregos ladies hung out a lot..)

Look how many women were there!!

Waiting to hear from President Monson!!

Kind of fuzzy, but look how close we were!! Actually, my camera has a really awesome zoom.

My Kim!

The end of the last day ;-(

Kim and Julie and me, leaving the dorms. I was actually glad to stop sleeping on that really hard mattress! I was really gumpy all that day!

Annas Birthday at P.F. Changs, It was really yummy!

Isnt this the funnies picture ever!!? Annas mom...

Kim and I being dorky..her chops sticks made a perfect mustache. ;-)