Jan 30, 2008


I say one thing.
You hear another.
Argument eminent.
Not liking the conversation,
You head for bed.

I watch T.V.
Concentrating on the colors.
Jokes that aren't funny,
People that aren't interesting.
Forcing my mind to think on anything
But what lays ahead of me in the dark.

I give up.
I care too much.
Stumbling through the pitch,
I fumble for the sheets.
You pretend to be asleep.
But I know better.

Seconds pass.
A lifetime.
No one wants to be the first to speak.
To show weakness.
We're too stubborn,
You and I.

I give in.
Sleep eludes me
knowing I've caused you pain.
Such a simple statement.
Such a profound impact.

Last minute confessions.
I love you's whispered
On the edge of dreams.

Five years.
Filled with ups and downs.
And Still,
A whole eternity ahead.
Never imagining
Sharing it
With anyone
But you.

Jan 15, 2008

I knew it would come back to haunt me

So Sunday my good friend came up to me and told me that she had read my blog and decided to compare the measurements on my "Pre- no sugar" stats to her own. As in..she measured herself and compared it to me! I never did hear if she was smaller or not ( which I am sure she is! She looks great!) but still! I need to take those down. =-) Now that I am pregnant its kind of all irrelevant anyway. I did think it was funny though.

Well, my house looks beautiful. I love the color and how it makes the rooms seem so much warmer. I was wrong about being able to just sit back and watch though! The Man put me to work just about as soon as I was done typing the last blog! =-) We all painted the really big wall last night for family night and the kids loved it! They got to put paint all over the wall...and themselves! The Boy did a great job and was actually really helpfull! We got the couches back into the room before we went to bed and it looks so good! I am so happy! Now we just have to find some decorations to make it look complete.

I made an appointment to go see the doctor finally. Im already 15 weeks along and we were waiting for the new year to start before I went. We have discovered something about Boise that we don't really like...All the OB doctors want all of your money up front! There is no such thing as just paying your co-pay and then getting billed at the end. Nope, its all pay 3-4,000 dollars right at first, or, like the place I talked to, they will take the amount you would owe after insurance and divide it up into monthly payments. I could potentially be paying 500 dollars a month to go see the doctor! I don't know about you..but I don't have that kind of change just hangin around. Its also hard to pay for services I have not yet recived..you know what Im sayin? So we will see if we can work something out with them. If anyone knows of a good doctor who doesn't charge you up front, let me know!

Jan 12, 2008

Feels like a whole new house!

So way too much has happened for me to write it all down. I'm just going to talk about what is going on in the Brown household today. PAINTING!!!! Yeah! I am actually really excited about it. The man is doing all the painting, thank goodness. I just get to sit back and watch him turn my dull boring house into a beautiful palate of color! The front room and kitchen are going to be an olive green to tie into my couches and we are painting the kids bathroom yellow. Such a happy color! I can't wait to see it all finished, its going to look so much better than it does now. The man has a good friend who is an interior decorator. She does jobs sometimes for the company he works for and she came over to consult with us and help us pick the colors. It was so cool! She really gave a lot of good suggestions and I felt so special to have a professional come to my house! Although I took the entire day before she came over and scrubbed down my house. I seriously did not stop for one second. ( except to take Seth to school and pick him up!) This place has never been so clean. I told The Man that I was not moving a muscle for the next week, I was pooped. But it felt great!

The kids are doing great as well. Just a minute ago, while I was typing they were in the kitchen and The Boy was making some kind of funky noise that had Little Girl in a fit of laughter. I love to hear them laughing and playing. It makes me smile and my heart feels all mushy and warm! We have just started implementing personal prayer with the kids and they love it! Little Girl wanted to do it all by herself last night, without any help, and it was so funny! She said thank you for everything that she could see around her, including her blue blanket. The Boy does the same thing! I couldn't help but laugh, so irreverent I know! Its so sweet.

The Boy is insisting on helping his dad paint, so I have to go and find some ratty clothes for him and supervise the progress! I'll take pics if I can!

Jan 4, 2008

The human beatbox

I know I have blogged about this before...but I just had to do it again. I don't know if any of you know what beat boxing is, but it is secretly one of my favorite things to watch! Its so awesome.

I have tried to beat box myself..but I, unfortunately, am really bad at it! ;-) So I leave it up to the pros to entertain me. If you've ever wanted to know something weird and unknown about me..this is it!

Here is one of my all time faves!

( Be sure to press pause on my player below before you start!)

Jan 3, 2008

Merry late Christmas and happy new year!

Ok, so I know I keep saying this, but here it is again...Im back! ;-)

So all this time we were planning on hanging around here for Christmas, but at the last minute we decided to tough out the seven hour drive and head up to where our families were congregating. The man's and my parents both live in the same town, so thats nice. Though sometimes its hard to devide your time between the two without hurting anyones feelings!
We were there for 9 days and it was sooo much fun. And we were sooo ready to leave! ;-) Christmas was great. The man broke the cardinal rule and bought me a pair of jeans. Jeans and I haven't really been getting along lately, so I was supprised when they fit and they actually looked good. Soon I won't be able to wear them though, seeing as how I will be getting fat!!

In more recent news we have all been a little sick around here. As soon as we got home we all got really bad allergies and snotty noses ( ew, gross..I know!) plus the kids have pretty bad coughs! So needless to say we have been lazing around not doing much! My house is suffering the consequenses! So today I have to do all the laundry and scrub down the bathrooms and such. I did read today that my friend
Kim loves to clean bathrooms..wanna come and do mine!? ;-) She also tagged me for a thingy that I haven't done yet, so that will be coming up soon! Its good to be home and writting again. I know you all have missed me! =-)