Aug 5, 2008

One is the loneliest number...


This post will be mushy...

As I have said, I am all alone here in Cda. The Man is back in Boise finishing up his job and getting our house ready for renters. ( which we finally found by the way, yes!) As of tomorrow I will have been without him for three whole weeks. The longest we have ever been apart.

I am undone.

I like to think of myself as a pretty independent person. I don't usually like to ask for help, thinking I can do it better on my own. I am stubborn. Strong willed. Bullheaded at times. I like my space. I need alone time every now and then.

I am ridiculous.

My life here without the man I love is too hard. Its stretches on forever with no hope of ending.Time stands still. The hours are filled with mundane activities. Robotic movements rule my body. My mind blank and uncooperative. Earlier statements of self- proclaimed fortitude and stall worthiness retracted. I am nothing without him. My heart hurts. My eyes are constant pools. I am cranky.

I am incomplete.

(can anyone tell I just finished " Breaking Dawn"? Yea..try that one all alone...)