Nov 30, 2010

Track 1

I have posted a lot about how music affects me. I love it. It moves me, and depending on the song, it usually moves me to tears. Often when I'm listening to a song, my mind wanders away and I have these great scenes that play out in my head. :) I have a very active imagination, which can get me into trouble, but can also be a great springboard for creativity.

Lately I have been imagining amazing photography shoots set to music. Funny huh? A while ago, before it started to snow so heavily, I was listening to an old skool song by Janet Jackson and I had this cool idea to shoot an urban downtown feel session with a 40's twist in the wardrobe. Crazy right? I had the perfect model too since my beautiful sister is crazy and loves to dress up. She has been inspired by the 40's lately as well. I love her. But alas, when we went home for thanksgiving there was so much snow and it was falling to badly that I chickened out. :)

(she's the one on the left...ha ha!)

So I decided since Im not really doing any incredible photo shoots these days, I would instead pick a song or two each week and post in on here for your enjoyment, and mine. I have been introduced to some amazing artists lately and would love to share them with you! I also would love to hear who you love. 

So here goes Track 1

Mammas Eyes by Justin Townes Earl. When I first came across this video, I totally thought is was from the 50's! Come to find out, he is from 2010! Ha hA! And that is what made me fall so in love with him, he has such an old vibe that I just can't get over. He makes me remember the music loved by my great grandpa and my grandpa, who have both passed away and it somehow connects us. Plus, the lyrics are so relatable to anyone and that live guitar just melts me. Oh and that southern accent.  Amazing.

Press pause on my player (if you are on my actual blog and not in a blog reader) and enjoy!


Ha ha! Last night I figured out how to import my old blog into my new one. It automatically published all the posts according to their date, so now the beginning of this blog is actually the beginning posts of my other one. As I was reading though all my old posts trying to edit  the names of my children and husband to keep them anonymous, I made a startling discovery. I used A LOT of exclamation points!!!!!!!!! It's like I am yelling the whole time I was typing. Ha ha! I do remember my brother making some remark about the over use of that specific punctuation mark, so I eventually toned it down. Its hilarious to go back and read them now.  It was also a blessing as well, since a lot of the things I wrote down I don't remember now. So Im glad I did. I also decided I may have been slightly depressed at that time, or at least prone to more complaining! :) I believe (and this is just my own opinion) that I may have actually matured a little since I was 24 in 2007...hopefully anyway.  You should check them out and laugh along with me. (and decide for yourself whether or not I have matured any or if I used less of these !!!!!!!!!!)

Nov 29, 2010

I heart faces!

It seems like the only posts I do these days are for I heart faces. :) But, I love its ok!

This weeks theme is "scenic black and white."
We went fishing with the kids a little while back (and when I say "we" it really means The Man went fishing and the kids ran around and played while I took pics, hee hee) and I took a lot of great shots with some awesome scenic views. I loved this one, along with one more of The Man himself, who rarely gets featured on here since he doesn't like me to take pictures of him. :) So the first picture is my entry for I heart Faces and the next one is just for my own pleasure! :)

Be sure to head over to I Heart Faces for more amazing scenic black and white photographs!

Nov 28, 2010

What a beautiful sillhouette!

So....I came across a new amazing blog today. Love stitched is sooo cute and every thing Brittany makes I want! :) You should go and check her out...right now...go! Oh, and did I mention she is hosting a give away? Thats right, today you can enter to win a brand spankin new Silhouette! Plus, a ton of other stuff included. Its awesome!

Did you go yet!? What are you waiting for!?


There are a few other awesome blogs out there giving away a silhouette! I can't believe all the amazing craftiness out there these days! I love them all. :)

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Nov 9, 2010

I Heart Faces!

Yay! Another week means another photo challenge from I heart Faces. This weeks theme is Orange, which is perfect since its the dead center of fall and that color, along with a million other gorgeous hues, is everywhere to be found!

We went on a little mini vacation this past weekend to visit family and The Man's parent's house has a few sparse trees that were beautiful with all sorts of colors. There is one in particular in the back that is bigger than the rest that had just begun to drop all of it leaves into a nice neat pile that all the kids thought was amazing! They got to work raking them all up and throwing them everywhere, even on me as I was trying to take some pics! :) My entry this week is of my little nephew, who instead of throwing the leaves, decided he just wanted to keep them all!

Enjoy and be sure to head over to I Heart faces for more amazing Orange photos!

Nov 2, 2010


This years halloween was crazy! The whole week before, I was sooo busy getting ready for the craft fair I felt I barely had time to put together the kids costumes! But in the end it worked out and they looked so cute! Normally I just buy costumes because Im not super great at sewing, but The Girl wanted to be a bunny and I couldn't find one anywhere! (except online and they were like 50 really!?) So I did make her bunny suit. The ears I found at good will for 50 cents. (thats more like it!)

We found the boys costume at good will as well, but couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be! :) It looked like The Hulk, but it was hairy. So I figured it was a werewolf. I didn't want him to wear a full on mask, so in the end I found some awesome horns a Shopko and he ended up as a monster. Since I waited so long to put these together I couldn't find ANY scary wolf teeth or green makeup or black hair spray! So I used green food coloring on his face and in his hair, along with my mascara to tip the ends of his hair black. He was the scariest monster with the nicest teeth I have ever seen!

Baby girl was a kitty cat, which also came from Goodwill (LOVE that place!) It was a kitty cat costume that was originally from Old Navy, so it was a warm jacket type thing that was poofy and had a hood. It also had a little tail in the back that she kept wagging around all night. sooo cute! On the hood it had ears and whiskers and a little fish! :) I was going to make some white pants to match the jacket, but I ran out of time, so we just bought pink sweatpants. She looked adorable.

Since Halloween ended up being on a Sunday this year, we celebrated on Sat. night by going to our churches Chili cook off and trunk or treat. (we park all the cars in the church parking lot and kids trick or treat around to each cars trunk!) :) I made our favorite chili and ended up winning 2nd place in the meat lovers category. I was quite excited, and validated. I can cook! Yay! My friend Jen (who also won second place in her "traditional" category!) and I dressed up in a few super capes I had made for the kids and it was a fun night. Next year we are hoping to be in a normal neighborhood and we can take the kids door to door.

Here are the pics (it was really dark in there, so I had to use my flash! :(  ), but enjoy!:

Nice hair Ash, nice hair....... :)