Nov 9, 2010

I Heart Faces!

Yay! Another week means another photo challenge from I heart Faces. This weeks theme is Orange, which is perfect since its the dead center of fall and that color, along with a million other gorgeous hues, is everywhere to be found!

We went on a little mini vacation this past weekend to visit family and The Man's parent's house has a few sparse trees that were beautiful with all sorts of colors. There is one in particular in the back that is bigger than the rest that had just begun to drop all of it leaves into a nice neat pile that all the kids thought was amazing! They got to work raking them all up and throwing them everywhere, even on me as I was trying to take some pics! :) My entry this week is of my little nephew, who instead of throwing the leaves, decided he just wanted to keep them all!

Enjoy and be sure to head over to I Heart faces for more amazing Orange photos!


  1. I love this pic! It's adorable!

  2. He is looking quite possessive of those wonderful fall leaves---the title fits that expression perfectly!....

  3. The love the title. I have a toddler and this captures a favorite toddler phrase "its mine" perfectly.

  4. Can we say the most kissable pouty lips E.V.E.R.! Such a cute picture :)

  5. Good shot I have permission to put it as my wall paper on my desktop?


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