Jun 28, 2007

Swimming and sadness

Well, I thought this summer would be a perfect one for The Boy to start swimming lessons. We have a membership to the YMCA here in Caldwell, but their lessons are 25 bucks for like two weeks two or three times a week. I thought that was a little expensive, so I have been asking around. I found out that the Caldwell comunity pool gives lessons for 15 dollars for two weeks and its every day! So we were all over that! I thought I would be good and get to the rec center the day the sign ups started. The office opened at 9:00 am and we got there at 9:02. You think that would have been perfect timing right? Wrong. When we got there, there wass already a huge line wrapped around the building. I thought, "this couldn't possibly be the line for swimming lessons." It was. I waited in line for two and a half hours! ( with The Boy and Little Girl in tow) I thought for sure there wouldn't be any spots left for us, but sure enough, he was the first one to sign up in the time slot we wanted. I couldn't belive it! There was only one girl working so thats why it took so long! Man! And to top it all off, I had woken The Boy up early so we could get there on time and told him I would feed him breakfast when we got back. I thought it would be really quick. So he was starving by the time we got done ( 11:30) and we walked across the road to free lunch at the park. I felt really bad! But we got in and The Boy is really excited to start going!

On a different note. Nathan's Grand father passed away this tuesday. He and his wife are from Rupert Idaho, which is about two hours away from here. He had been taking some blood thinners and a rare side effect occured and causeed him to start bleeding in the brain. The hospital in Rupert didn't have the ability to perform the surgery he needed so they life flighted him to Boise. However, they did not get here fast enough and he passed away. Its been a pretty hard week. He had such a strong heart and body, he probably would have lived for another ten years, if not for these drugs he had been taking. Thats what makes it so hard. Anyway, we are headed down for the funeral this week, He was an amazing man. He is who we named The Boy after. Its too hard to even write about him!!  Death is always a sad time, but also a happy one, which is weird, but we know he is a far better place and look forward to seeing him again.

Jun 23, 2007

I love black and white!!

ok, so this is going to be very long blog due to these pictures! I don't know how to get them to go across instead of straight down! Anyway, here are the black and whites I was talking about. I decided that the day I took these was too bright of a day. They are a little overexposed. But all together I think they turned out well. Other than the fact that I should have cleaned my childrens faces before taking the pictures, but oh well. More true to life this way I guess!!

Jun 14, 2007

Beans, beans the magical fruit...

This blog isn't really about beans but I couldn't think of anything else to put up there! I don't know why I find it so hard to find things to blog about. You would think, with me loving to talk and blab on as much as I do, I would have plenty to write about. For some reason i just can't get myself to talk about all the little mundane things that go on around here. Maybe I feel like if I did, people would realize how non exciting my life really is!!
Anyway, here are some random things that have happend and things we have been up to:

1. For some reason Little Girl keeps choking on everything I give her..choking to the point of puking the entire contents of her stomach back up onto her highchair tray. And not just in the highchair but on the road as well, when we are driving..(trying desperatly to get to the post office to buy stamps in time to get back home and mail the bill thats due in exactly two days. They had sent it back to me because I had a 39 cent stamp on it, I needed two more cents to mail it...) And she wasn't even eating anything in the car, it must have been waiting in the back of her throat for that exact minute in time! And then as I am frantically looking for a side road to pull off onto so I can save my child from sure death by puking..I find the perfect spot..a mud hole!! Oh sure..it looked dry enough when I drove onto it, but as soon as I stepped out I almost did the splits! One foot slid one way, and one foot the other way! I couldn't even walk because my feet kept sinking and sliding all over the place! ( meanwhile Eden is still choking and puking) So I hop back in the car, with a grimace for all the mud being spread and ground into my carpet, and slam on the gas. My wheels turn and turn and spray mud ALL OVER THE CAR!! I did manage to free myself and drive about ten feet down the way where it wasn't muddy. Finally I got to Eden who had, by this time, stopped her seemingly endless fountain of bile. I took one look at her and almost wanted to puke myself. It was bad people, bad! And then to top it off, I had just cleaned out the car not two weeks before. There was nothing in there! As I looked futilely around for something to wipe her off with I remembered that The Man had put an "emergency Kit' of diapers and wipes in the trunk. It took forever to wipe it all up with those little things!! ( keep in mind here that I am still racing time to get my letter mailed...) Thankfully there was a pair of shorts and a sweater in the trunk as well, so she didn't have to go into the post office practically naked and there wasn't a line when I got there, so I did beat the Post Lady to the mailbox. But I am seriously wondering if there is something wrong with Little Girl, like some weird gag refelx thing. It sucks. I basically have to give her one little peice of food at a time and it can't be anything that could be sticky in her throat! I tell ya, the things us moms have to go through! (ok, that was really long....)
2. We have started going to the library and then to free luch at the park. For those of you who don't know what free luch at the park is (husband!) its where you go to the park and they give you a sack lunch for free! Its a summer program sponsored by the schools. Its really cool. I take the kids and they get to play at the park and I don't have to make lunch, its really a win-win stituation. We have also just gotten a membership at the YMCA. It so cool! We went swimming with the kids and they loved it! Well, The Boy did any way. Little Girl wasn't to happy about the water, and all the people, and all the noise. But after a little while she stopped crying and gave me her, " I will tollerate it if I have to" look and just let me hold her. They have two big water slides ( which The Boy went down..once and that was it, but still..) and a lazy river and all kinds of water features. It really is nice. And now I can go work out whenever I want to and that is the best part! I can't wait to get started and get all of this chocolate off of my hips, thighs and butt!!

So thats about all that is really happening around here. There is probably more, but this one has gotten too long already! You guys probably stopped reading about halfway through, but thats ok! I do have some pictures I have to go and develop so keep an eye out for those. I experimented a little bit with black and white, so we'll see how they turn out. Oh, and since angela keeps starting all these funds for people in her family, I have decided to start my own, for myself. Its a " get Ashleigh a digital camera so she can take lots of pictures and her husband can't get mad about wasting film and then she can post them and send them via email a heck of a lot faster than she does now" fund. I know..its a good cause right?