Dec 16, 2010

Neighbor gifts

I'm going to let you in on a little secret about me:

I am a chips and salsa fanatic.  
I LOVE it.  I eat it all day every day very often.

So I figured since I love it so much, I would use it in my friend gifts! (plus I was already packing on the pounds with all the candy I had been given and salsa is so much more healthy. ha ha!) 

I got the really cute Merry Christmas printables from Jenni at Family of Four. I also stunned and amazed my husband by actually using my Cricut! (I have yet to get any I borrowed a few from my friend!)  I made the tags with it and the cute vinyl shapes on the chip bags. 


 Wishing you a Warm and Spicy holiday season!

It was so easy and a lot of fun. Maybe I will do it again in a year. :)

A trip to the dentist

We went to the dentist Tuesday afternoon. I think its hilarious because my kids LOVE to go. They were sooo excited and each brought their own little stuffed animal to keep them company. Baby girl was getting extremely impatient waiting for her turn in the chair. "is it my turn? Is it my turn? I want to sit in that chair.."

They all did great. We only ended up with two cavities in The Boys teeth, which isn't surprising since his teeth are so tight together. We haven't been doing so great with flossing I have to admit. So off to the store we went afterward to get some tooth floss. :)



You probably can't tell, but Baby Girl was laughing the whole time because it tickled!

So much fun to go to the dentist! :)

Appaloosa Horse Museum

The first weekend in December we went to visit a small little museum (I think it might be the only one) here in town. Its all about the Appaloosa Horse and its origins. The kids love it because they have a little area where they can color, dress up in cowboy clothes, tie knots, reads books and play with horse toys. Its a good place to go if you are looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon. Plus, I LOVE history and museums are one of my favorite places to go.

This weekend, they had a holiday open house. Santa came to visit and the kids got to sit on a real appaloosa! We had to wait in line FOREVER to see santa, but the kids wandered around looking at all the cool stuff while I held our places. We ate cookies as well, which always makes anything worth it! It was a fun morning spent together.

 Someone must have been doing something really weird off to the right.... :)

I wonder what she was laughing about? ha ha!

Flash back Post-Little Girls First Day

So, I was looking through my blog the other day and realized I had totally forgotten to post anything about Little Girls first day of preschool!

Little Girl went to the same school last year and absolutely loved it. I love it too since its every day except Fridays for 3 and a half hours! (last year she was in school longer than my kindergartener! Crazy huh?)

She was super excited at the front door and we took a lot of crazy pictures.

we got to school and she found her very own cubby! but now she was getting a little nervous......

She then found her name tag..which made her feel a little better...
(I blurred out her name for safety it really wasn't just blank! ) :)

But she still wanted to sit really close to her teacher.

Thats not an abnormal occurrence. She is very loving and wants to snuggle with everyone. She likes to have all the attention and will perform for you at your request! She had a great day and many many more since. There was a little rough patch for a few weeks where we weren't sure where our happy little girl went. We spoke with her teacher and now things are sooo much better. Its hard to be the center of attention when there are 15 other kids in the class! :)

We love out little girl and couldn't be more proud of how amazing she is!

Dec 7, 2010

Track 2

I cannot say enough about this song. I remember the first time I heard it, I bawled my eyes out.

Glen Hansard ft. Marketa Irglova "falling slowly"

Dec 6, 2010

Self portrait

Its not often you see me on this side of the camera! I thought it would be a little more fun to jump on my own bed than to look forlornly out the window or something. :)

For more awesome self portraits head over to I heart Faces!

Dec 1, 2010

Christmas comes early....

For those of you who may not know, and for those of you who do and are waiting to hear, my hubby has been spending the last two years trudging through difficult pre-requisit classes to be able to apply for dental school. The last few months of our life was spent waiting around for interview invites and then flying The Man all over the country so he could do an amazing job of selling himself and convincing them all that he would be a great asset to their program. We have been anxiously awaiting this very day, Dec. 1st, when all the schools release their official offers of acceptance and this morning it was literally like waking up on Christmas morning to a huge pile of incredible gifts.

The Man received an invite to his top choice school via phone call at 6:11 am this morning!! It was funny because his phone alarm was going off and I as complaining about it, since he had decided to stay home from class. As soon as he turned it off, it started up again and I was just about to start getting REALLY cranky when I realized it wasnt the alarm, but his actual ring tone. He jumped out of bed and all I heard was:

"Hello!? Yes, this is he......."as he ran down the stairs.

About five minutes later I hear him skipping up the stairs saying, " dootie doo, doo dootie doo...." I knew it had to be something good, since it was sooooo early in the morning and he was literally jumping up the stairs and singing to himself! :) Needless to say neither of us got much sleep after that since we were way tooo excited (not to mention Little Girl had just decided to wake up and hang out in our bed). Later we found out we had also been accepted to U of Indiana, U of Louisville and Minneapolis! So today has been an amazing day! I am taking the Man Out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

Im so thankful for all of The Man's hard work and dedication. Im am thankful for answered prayers and I am especially thankful for the lesson in patience and long suffering that I have learned, and probably will continue to be learning....for forever... :)