Dec 16, 2010

Flash back Post-Little Girls First Day

So, I was looking through my blog the other day and realized I had totally forgotten to post anything about Little Girls first day of preschool!

Little Girl went to the same school last year and absolutely loved it. I love it too since its every day except Fridays for 3 and a half hours! (last year she was in school longer than my kindergartener! Crazy huh?)

She was super excited at the front door and we took a lot of crazy pictures.

we got to school and she found her very own cubby! but now she was getting a little nervous......

She then found her name tag..which made her feel a little better...
(I blurred out her name for safety it really wasn't just blank! ) :)

But she still wanted to sit really close to her teacher.

Thats not an abnormal occurrence. She is very loving and wants to snuggle with everyone. She likes to have all the attention and will perform for you at your request! She had a great day and many many more since. There was a little rough patch for a few weeks where we weren't sure where our happy little girl went. We spoke with her teacher and now things are sooo much better. Its hard to be the center of attention when there are 15 other kids in the class! :)

We love out little girl and couldn't be more proud of how amazing she is!

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  1. Kaleb and I can still read her name clearly on her name tag! Haha, you should blur it out a little better!! Oh my gosh she is so so cute!


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