Jun 25, 2010

Finally, something exciting!

So today we get to start our mini vacation! Well, technically it wont really start for ALL of us until Wednesday afternoon, since The Man takes the DAT on that day, (Can I just say how seriously EXCITED I am to have that sucker over with?! We are all looking forward to having our daddy back!) but we are leaving for CoeurdAlene tonight.

We are ecstatic for the beach!
We are going to see about a bajillion movies!
We are going camping......AND
I am lazing around and cleaning NOTHING!

(that last one might not be entirely true, but at least I will be cleaning a whole lot less than I do now...) :)

I grew up in cda and always look forward to going back and sharing the places I love with my kids. I just HATE packing us all up and then unpacking us at the end..which is why I am blogging right now. Its a vain attempt at stalling......

Is it working?

I might just end up forgetting all my underwear or something because I waited until the last minute...

I guess I better go...

Anytime now....



See you guys later! :)

Jun 23, 2010

Officially summer

Monday mark the official first day of summer with the solstice. The longest day and the shortest night of the year.


So we've celebrated this week in style....

We had sooooooo much fun!

Maybe a little too much fun.....

All that sun can be tiring! :)

Thanks Hanna for letting us use your awesome slip and slide!

Next stop Cda Beach!

Jun 16, 2010

A foot in the mouth


Remember my post from yesterday...?

The one where I went on and on about how cranky I was.....?

And how it affected my husband and in turn made him hard to deal with...?

I take it back.
He is amazing
for putting up with me!

I should be cranky more often... :)

Jun 15, 2010

Little Mrs. Cranky Pants

Today is a cranky day. I can't help it. 

Maybe its because I have stayed up past midnight for the last three nights in a row.

It could be that one of my good friends is leaving and I am totally sad. Around this place, for me, good ones are hard to come by. When you do find one, you keep a hold of them with both hands and squeeze. So letting go is hard.

Another reason that has added to my mood is the ever looming feelings of inadequacy, at anything I ever attempt to do. My house is never quite clean the way I want it to be. My kids are always smeared with dirt and fighting over nothing. Getting a shower in before the late afternoon and then fitting into any of my clothes would be a miracle and any hobbies I desperately want to get better at and turn into passions don't come to fruition. The more I dwell on it, the worse it feels. Today, I can't quite get my act together. 

Ugh, I hate being cranky. It affects every aspect of my life. My kids suffer since I have NO patience. My husband feeds off that energy and in turn becomes cranky himself, which makes me feel even worse. Cranky days are the ones where you just want to crawl back in bed and start the day all over. 

I am normally a very happy person. I try to look at the bright side of everything and you can often find me muttering positive reinforcements as I walk around. Yes, I talk to my self! 

" It's Ok Ashleigh, you can do that pile of laundry tomorrow and it won't kill you." 

" Your husband will still love you if he comes home and you are wearing the same P. J.s he left you in this morning." 

" you jut started to learn how to do this, you aren't going to be perfect at it right now! It takes time..." 

" you are appreciated and have a purpose in this life other than cooking, cleaning, childbearing etc.!"

Sometimes, at least once a week, I wake up cranky. I spend my day cranky and I go to bed cranky. The good news is, I can wake up the next day and my perspective totally changes. The feelings that I experience the day before quickly pass and I can go on with my life knowing I really am a good person with a lot of great things to share with the world. 

I think its normal for everyone to live a day as a little Mrs. Cranky Pants, its how you come out of it at the end that defines you.

What about the rest of you? Are you ready to get real about your cranky days? 

Jun 7, 2010

I Heart Faces

I just came across this website today and I am so excited! Its all about photography with tips and tutorials. They also have weekly themed challenges. This weeks theme is "play." I thought it would be fun to play along and maybe get some outside critiques on my photos. :)

So here is one of my favorites pics of my daughter the day she got her new Rose Petal Cottage playhouses. She was so excited!

Enjoy and then head over to I Heart Faces to check out all the other awesome entries!