Jul 9, 2007

Housework makes you ugly...

I whole heartedly agree. I mean, my hands get pruned and nasty from doing the dishes. I breath in deadly chemical fumes from all the cleaners I use. ( Im sure my face sucks up those fumes too!) I get stressed out from the vast amount of cleaning there is to do, which in turn causes pimples. So its proven, house work makes you ugly!
I just can't believe the amount of crap that piles up around my house over the weekend. You would think I would be smart and employ the help of my significant other on the days that he is home so cleaning would get done faster ( or done, period...) and marital bonding could occur. But no, in my mind I think, " It is Saturday, the one day we have to go do something fun as a family and the day The Man has to not have to worry about work. So we shall skip cleaing for now..." What a stupid thought! And do we clean on Sunday? No, that would be working and thus breaking the sabbath( my own point of view of couse). However, I do confess to a few " quick, everyone clean up something really fast because mommy can't take it anymore!" sunday moments. So then here I am am, monday morning, staring down the biggest pile of weekend build up I have seen in a while and I say to myself," tell me again why we don't clean on Saturday?" Thus starts another week in the life of Ashleigh.

Jul 5, 2007

Dangerously HOT!!!

No not me! well maybe me..but Im not what Im writting about! =-) Today the weather people said its supposed to get up to 105-106 degrees! I can't believe it! We didn't move to Las Vegas for a reason people! So we are stuck inside trying to think of fun things to do. We have to clean the house of course ( not that fun) and I turned on some music to help it be a little more entertaining. Right away The Boy and Little Girl start dancing! Its sooo funny to watch, seriously. The Boy does this little booty shake where he sticks his butt out and shakes it from side to side! I laugh so hard! And then he figured out something new..the pelvic thrust! Oh my goodness, it is sooooo funny! Imagine this little three year old dancing around with a HUGE grin on his face while shaking his booty and pelvic thrusting, its almost looks like circling your hips! It has really brightened my morning. Eden loves to dance too, she just bounces up and down on her legs and waves her arms around. She spins a little circle too, if she's feeling a little crazy! So funny! I don't know why some days I go crazy with my kids and then some days every thing is fine and dandy. I guess It all just has to do with my own reaction to everything. I can either freak out and yell and make my kids sad and basically be a not so good mom, or I can try to realize my children are three and one and they aren't perfect and are most likely bored out of their minds and thats why they are acting up and I can calmly address the situation. ( ha ha..yea right,and that was a really long sentance!) I don't know..that was just a rant.