Jul 9, 2007

Housework makes you ugly...

I whole heartedly agree. I mean, my hands get pruned and nasty from doing the dishes. I breath in deadly chemical fumes from all the cleaners I use. ( Im sure my face sucks up those fumes too!) I get stressed out from the vast amount of cleaning there is to do, which in turn causes pimples. So its proven, house work makes you ugly!
I just can't believe the amount of crap that piles up around my house over the weekend. You would think I would be smart and employ the help of my significant other on the days that he is home so cleaning would get done faster ( or done, period...) and marital bonding could occur. But no, in my mind I think, " It is Saturday, the one day we have to go do something fun as a family and the day The Man has to not have to worry about work. So we shall skip cleaing for now..." What a stupid thought! And do we clean on Sunday? No, that would be working and thus breaking the sabbath( my own point of view of couse). However, I do confess to a few " quick, everyone clean up something really fast because mommy can't take it anymore!" sunday moments. So then here I am am, monday morning, staring down the biggest pile of weekend build up I have seen in a while and I say to myself," tell me again why we don't clean on Saturday?" Thus starts another week in the life of Ashleigh.

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  1. Can I just tell you that I feel your pain...I used to do laundry once a week..now it is like EVERY stinkin' day!! What is that about!! I try to get it all done on Friday, so we have the weekend, but like that ever works out for me. Plus, LUke is like my biggest motivator to clean--he does such a great job, BUT he hasn't stopped working since last Sunday, the 1st..I know, I Know 8 days of pure work (and he actually has to work nonstop until the 20th!!! ALl day, EVERY DAY!! It is craziness..)Ok, sorry, but I find myself getting into a rut and it is sorta a pain to clean up by myself...ughh, I better stop and go clean!


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