Aug 8, 2007

One whole month!

I told you guys I am not very good at this blogging thing! Maybe I should do the ABC day thing. Anyway, there is really too much to write about today, so I will just put up some pics! We went to National Night Out Against Crime last night. They had all kinds of fun things. The kids got their faces painted ( a spider for The boy and a lady bug for Little Girl, though neither of them really look like what they are supposed to be!) and they each got a balloon creation. The Boy got a sword with a matching cap, hat type thingy and Little Girl got a flower, which is pretty darn cute! All in all it was a fun family outing.Is that a lady bug on Little Girl's Cheek..or a smooshed and bloodied frog with the chicken pox?And The Boy's " spider" looks more like a..well I don't even know what to compare it to.... ( good thing all this was free huh?)

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  1. She's SOOOOOOO Cute! And looks so much like you. Its strange hearing your "voice" again, like coming home (lol) and remembering a long lost friend. You're loved.


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