Aug 8, 2007

But mom, you're already fat.

So, I randomly asked The Boy today ( and this is just a random question here people, so don't get any ideas!!) how he would feel if we ever had another baby. He said he thought that it would be pretty neat and then proceeded to explain to me me how babies got into my tummy, " The people make the baby and we go and get it and then they put it in your tummy, right?" (Well, close Hun.) Then I said," remember when mommy's tummy was big with Eden? I would get all fat again, huh?" The Boy then ever so sweetly repied, " but mom, you're already fat!" Ugh..stick a knife right into my heart kiddo and turn it quick!! I laughed though, cuz it was pretty funny and made sure he knew how uncorrect that statement actually was. " Mommy's not really fat, right?"; " no mommy, not really..." =-)


  1. hahaha..that is awesome!! Interesting how we don't lose the weight from the 2nd!! Also, we have been thinking about a 3rd (only thinking) & it is killing me!! I don't want to be vain, but I need to lose the weight from Spencer or my 3rd one is gonna kill me :)


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