Aug 11, 2007

Must one pray to get some creativity?

Ok, so lately I've been in a really wierd funk. Not like a, " Ugh, I don't want to do anything" type funk, but a " I really want to learn a bunch of new things at one time so how do I pick which one to start with?" type funk. I know, wow, that was a lot to say right? Well, here is the low down.
I have a friend who is incredible at sewing and she paints and does cute furniture, blah blah blah. So I thought to myself, " I could totally do that." Yeah, right. I have started a really cute shelf thing for Little Girl's room and its part of the way done. But now I am at a stand still. I can't decide which paper to use and pictures I want to mod podge onto it. I also want to stencil some stuff on there, but I don't know what would look good. I have no creative imagination I guess. Like I said, should I pray for it, or is that wierd? I also want to take up knitting. And I wan't to learn how to eat better and all about cool homeopathic remedies and such. I wan't to make these really cute shirt dresses for baby girls ( and have them actually look good and fit!) That means I have to learn how to sew better. Ugh, see what I mean? Too much stuff at one time! I don't really want to have ten unfinished projects around the house! I want to have a creative outlet, something Im really good at that I can be proud of. I guess I will just have to pick one and work on it, but which one to pick? Any Ideas? oh, and I wan't to get better at photography, so that fund to get Ashleigh a really nice digital camera is still open for donations! =-)


  1. Absolutely! You can ask for help in deveoping your talents. You want a talent, you pray for it. That's the perfect equation. I promise He will help you!

    Also, just go for it babe! The more you work at a craft or a project the better you will get at it.

    You have all the right stuff! Especially a great desire, that's the most important part.

    One last thing my talented daughter, don't try to do your projects just like someone else does. Admire and appreaciate what others do, but then create your own wonderful things. If you are true to your creative talent the imagination will begin to flow!!

    I love and admire you very much!


  2. You sound like me ASH! I wish I had the time before my next kid comes, when I will have absolutely no time. I have a table and chairs and china hutch I want to redo. But who has the time. I started to learn to knit but then I haven't had time to really make something. Anyways ho hum


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