Nov 27, 2008

I am thankful

I am thankful for my family. For a husband who was wiling to give up everything and transplant his family all on a desire to do and be better.

I am thankful for health, for my life, for my children's lives.

I am thankful for the spirit that guides and directs my life. For the happiness I find from living the gospel. I am thankful for a savior who gave his life that I might become better than I am.

I am thankful for all I have.

This year I have a lot to be thankful for. As I have thought about the things that are important to me I realize that it isn't my stuff, it isn't the things that surround me that are inanimate. It is the living, breathing people that fill my life with joy and it is the spiritual things that give my life meaning. I want to teach my children to be grateful for the same things.

I was disheartened as I entered a large department store the very day after Halloween to find that it was already Christmas inside. Thanksgiving had completely been overlooked, brushed aside, treated as if it didn't even exist. In fact, what little thanksgiving decor they have was already on sale! It doesn't make them the money they need, the money they have to have. I don't see Christmas there, I see greed.

This very reason is why I have decide to do a home made Christmas this year. All the presents will be handmade or found at a thrift store. I don't want my children to expect to have things just because its a certain day in December. I want them to be grateful for what they already have, to know the real meaning of the holiday and to think about Christ and all he has done for us, instead of how much stuff they have. Stuff that will be broken or discarded in only a matter of time.

Here is a video that I got off of my friends blog that I really liked. I am so tired of all the commercialism. What if we spent our time and our means to better the life of someone else? To help out a friend or a neighbor, or the world? What would it be like?

Have a wonderful safe and thankful thanksgiveing everyone!~

Nov 20, 2008

SassyFrass Kids is here!!

I am so excited to let you all know that my webiste for SassyFrass Kids is up and running! Well, almost. Its just a welcome/sign my newsletter page at the moment. But its sooo pretty! My bro did an awesome job designing my logo. He put a ton of time into it ( time he really didn't have!) and he put up with my confusion and pickiness. I appreciate it so much! So go, now, check it out and pass it on to your friends. Tell them how cool I am and so therefore the things I make must be cool as well!

Oh yeah!

Nov 12, 2008


Not much of one I am afraid. I am writing this one handed, baby in the other! She is such  a mommas girl!

1. I have decided to do a craft fair!
yes, I am quite excited. I decided since I keep spending all this money on cute stuff to sell, I might as well take it to the people!! Its in rathdrum on the 22nd of this month and its the main reason I have been a-wal. I have been sewing like a mad woman! Everything in my life has somewhat been on hold. Piles of laundry adorn every room in my house, toilets go unscrubbed, children stink, we starve..and yet, I sew on, in hopes of making a little mula to call my own. The sacrifices one must make...;-) My kids don't really stink, they do get baths every now and then. ;-)

2. Infant girl is seriously allergic to this rice cereal!
I tried it for the first time about a month ago and she was really fussy afterward. SHe had ben fussy a lot that week and I didn't really think anything of it until I tried to give it to her a second time a week or so later and she was so cranky and fussy and not sleeping. Well, then I began to suspect. I waited again about a week or so and I tried again last night. I made it super thin, thinking it may have been to thick for her little belly to handle the last time. Well, I put her down for a nap right after and she only slept for a few minutes and then woke up crying. I rocked her back to sleep and she was down for a while but woke up crying again. So I got her up and fed her. Imediatly after I feed her, she puked all of it up! I wondered if you could know the difference between spit up and actually vomiting..oh yea, you can. Poor girl. She just kept puking over and over, for a good while. It was just mucus by the end, which is a good sign of an allergy and the doctor just said to get rid of the stupid cereal and cut back on feeding times. by the end of the night she was way better and today she is great. I just couldn't believe it. I think it was the sunflower oil. What kind of crap do they put in that stuff? I hate to name names *cough*(beechnut) * cough* cough*.. I wonder if I can make my own?

( update on and update: I even tried a different brand, that was supposedly organic. No oils, preservatives, additives etc. She puked it all up and then some. I am so sad. I don't know why they would happen. any thoughts?) 

3. I have some pretty cute pics to put up lok out for those. When I get a minute, I will post might not be for a few weeks with my trck record! I will try!