Oct 26, 2010

the phone call that rocked my world...

Why is it that its only been within the last week that I have had some crazy stuff happen with The Boy and girls at school!?

The other night he told me that some girl in his class kissed him....

Say Whaaaaa!?

Oh don't worry everyone, he was quick to tell me it wasn't on the lips...he couldn't remember where it was but he knew for sure it wasn't on the lips....

Oh. My. Gosh.

Needless to say we had a LONG discussion about appropriate behavior between girls and boys.

And as if I didn't have enough to freak out about, last night I was sitting at my sewing machine trying to pound out all the stuff I need to get done for my craft fair when the phone rang. It was after 9, so I figured it was someone with something important to say. So I answer:

Me: Hello!?

Voice of a small little girl: Hi! Is *The Boy* there?

Me: *after sticking my finger in my ear and wiggling it around to make sure I could hear correctly* What!? Who?

Voice of a small little girl: Is *The Boy* there?

Me: Um (looking at the clock-very confused, its 9:15)......he's in bed right now.....who is this!? (at this point in the conversation my voice starts to get higher and higher, and slightly squeeky. The Man, in fact, comments on it afterward. It was really weird...)

Voice of a small little Girl: Oh, well this is Jennifer.

Me: Jennifer? Jennifer who?

Voice of a small little girl: Jennifer Soandso

Me: Are you in his class at school?

Voice of a small little girl: Yes I am!

Me: well, he goes to bed pretty early since he has to get up for school. *hint hint-what the crap are you doing still awake little girl!?* But you can see him in class tomorrow...

Voice of a small little girl: Oh, Ok then...bye!

Me: *in my squeaky, high voice* ok, bye.....

Only afterward did The Man point out that I didn't even ask what it was she wanted to say to The Boy. I frankly didn't care.

A girl had called for my son.

I wasn't properly prepared. I haven't even thought about that happening EVER! At least until he was 50 and an astronaut... remember!?
I sat at my table laughing insanely to myself at the absurdity/seriousness of the situation. After a while the man started giving me weird looks, so I stopped. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. To the point that I couldn't even sleep!

The next day I mentioned it to The Boy and he just smiled. Of course.
I then waited around all day for him to come home and tell me what it was she wanted.

"oh, well she said she couldn't remember, and then she told me she wanted to tell me I was weird."

Really? Thats all?

Haa hA haa haa HAAA haa haaaaa!

Why was I so worried? I had thought for sure she wanted to tell him that she loved him and then would continue to call all day every day until we finally had to move away.

But no...they are only 7...and at 7, everybody is weird.

Come to think of it, at 27, everybody is weird too.

Oct 25, 2010


I have loved taking pictures since I was young. Taking a vision inside my head and creating it in real life is an abosutetly aamazing feeling, addicting even. Not saying that I can do it perfectly, or that I am up to par with what I envision for myself when it comes to my abilities, but I have fun trying to get there.

Recently I had two photo shoots, one with my little cousins and another with a friends kids. It was soooo fun running around trying to capture what they were looking for. Some things worked and somethings definitely didn't! :) But thats part of the whole process. Here are a few shots from each session. Im thinking about starting a separate blog for this kind of thing, but for now they can rest here.

She has so much hair doesn't she! :)

Don't you love that last one? They weren't too thrilled at getting their pics taken. :) But it was fun!

Oct 22, 2010

Get Real About.....


I decided that Saturdays were going to be my "Get Real" posts. If you have no clue what I am talking about you can go here to check out my thoughts on getting real. However, if you also check the time at the bottom of this post it will say that I incoherently babbled this whole shpeal sometime around 11ish on a friday night. So that means I'm cheating...... I said I was going to blog about getting real on Saturdays, but this week I had to do it friday night. Why? Well, this leads right into my topic for this week....


I wrote it again but added an exclamation point this time. Which is very fitting, since thats how I happen to feel at the moment, with an added exclamation point..or a hundred. 

I had to write this post Friday night because tomorrow I wont have time. I have an insane amount of reading, homework and tests due Sunday for my Literature class. My children have two places to be at two different times throughout  the day on Saturday for extended lengths of time. I have committed to doing a few craft fairs with one of my amazing friends which in turn entails hours and hours of sewing, gluing and swearing that I have put off until this week. Our first fair is next saturday. Which means I will probably be writing the next get real post on Friday again.

Oh and Halloween is in one week as well and I have yet to gather everything I need and scrap it all together for costumes.

And did I mention I still have to do my normal every day life routine of chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking, laundry and trying to maintain some sense of personal hygiene?

Needless to say, its all wearing on me. And I'm not doing so hot.

See, when I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed, I don't kick it into high gear and tackle it all with gusto, organization and a smile. No, no, no my friends...I freak out, procrastinate and then alienate friends and family at the very last minute in an effort to block out the world and just get it done before I die of anxiety.

True, sad story.

So all you perfect ladies out there, do you believe me? When you glimpse into the three seconds every day of my life that I post, would you even have thought that my smiling happy go lucky self would have anything that stressed her out? Or that I almost totally buckle under pressure and have a hard time coping with that stress? Probably not.

And now here is where it gets real: I know I'm not the only one here who gets this way. Ladies help me out. How do you handle the stress? Do you even have stress? Are you willing to get real and admit in front of all of my 41 followers (love you guys!) and the other whoevers that love me enough to read my blog that we all might not stress out so perfectly after all?

Please do-in a comment. It would make me (and the rest of the world)  feel soooooo much better! :)

Oct 21, 2010


For some reason The Boy has been a part of some hilarious moments recently and sometimes I feel like I write a lot about my crazy girls and my cute, quiet little man gets a little left out. So today is another post featuring him.

On Monday he came home from school and said he had a secret to tell me. I was intrigued and asked him to tell me what it was. So he came up and whispered in my ear, "Athena has a boyfriend!" ( Athena is a girl in his class, whom I hear, loves to chase him around the playground everyday...)

"Oh really?" I asked, "who is it?"

"Its ME!" He said with a HUGE grin.

"What!?" I gave him an incredulous look, tried not to freak out at the thought and asked him very slowly, " and what does being Athena's boyfriend mean?" I secretly hoped he would say something like, "I have no idea what that word means mom and frankly I really don't care. Plus girls have cooties and I'm not even going to think about them until I'm 50 and an astronaut."

Instead, he replied, " It means she LOVES me!" followed by yet another HUGE grin.

Ugh. ew. ick. help. ahhhhhh. crap. How old are you again?

So, we had a little chat about how 7 years old is too young for boyfriends and girlfriends and how I thought it would be best if they were "just friends, ok?"

"ok, mom"

Im soooooooo not ready for this.

Oct 18, 2010

An end to slavery-and the Awkward post-break up phase

Sorry it has been so long! Sometimes when I go so long without posting..its almost like I had broken up with you and its too awkward to come and see you all again! So I avoid the meeting until I absolutely have to say something. :)

But the Boy said something too amazingly funny ( to me and The Man anyway) that I had to write it down!

The Other night the kids were all getting ready for bed and The Girl had accidentally left her cherished Pongo dog ( who made his debut appearance on the blog here.) in the suburban. The Man and I were jokingly debating over who was going to go out and get it, since neither of us wanted to. It was freezing cold out there!

So The Man was telling me I had to be the one to retrieve it and I was complaining about how I am ALWAYS the one to do EVERYTHING! So The Boy chimes in and adds: "Yeah Dad, how come mom always has to do everything?"

 The conversation then went as follows:

The Man: Well, because buddy. Didn't you know that mom is a slave and always has to do what I say?

The Boy: Nuh-uh dad. There's no such thing as slaves! Abraham Lincoln or somebody like that freed the slaves like a hundred years ago!

The Man and I looked at each other and busted out laughing so hard. We had no retort, since he was pretty much right. I think the biggest reason as to why it was so funny is because we had no idea he even knew that information!  It just goes to show that kids hear and learn a lot more than you think! :)

(First grade picture. He did go to school with a really handsome looking sweater on over the top of this raggedy shirt with strict instructions to not remove it until AFTER pictures. I was quite surprised to see this when I got it in his backpack! I guess he didn't like the sweater look...) 

Ok, now the awkward post-break up phase is over and we can resume "just being friends." :)