Oct 25, 2010


I have loved taking pictures since I was young. Taking a vision inside my head and creating it in real life is an abosutetly aamazing feeling, addicting even. Not saying that I can do it perfectly, or that I am up to par with what I envision for myself when it comes to my abilities, but I have fun trying to get there.

Recently I had two photo shoots, one with my little cousins and another with a friends kids. It was soooo fun running around trying to capture what they were looking for. Some things worked and somethings definitely didn't! :) But thats part of the whole process. Here are a few shots from each session. Im thinking about starting a separate blog for this kind of thing, but for now they can rest here.

She has so much hair doesn't she! :)

Don't you love that last one? They weren't too thrilled at getting their pics taken. :) But it was fun!


  1. Ash, these are FABULOUS! How about taking some of us when you're down! :)

  2. These are great! I wish I had that skill.... yeah, not my gift.


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