Oct 18, 2010

An end to slavery-and the Awkward post-break up phase

Sorry it has been so long! Sometimes when I go so long without posting..its almost like I had broken up with you and its too awkward to come and see you all again! So I avoid the meeting until I absolutely have to say something. :)

But the Boy said something too amazingly funny ( to me and The Man anyway) that I had to write it down!

The Other night the kids were all getting ready for bed and The Girl had accidentally left her cherished Pongo dog ( who made his debut appearance on the blog here.) in the suburban. The Man and I were jokingly debating over who was going to go out and get it, since neither of us wanted to. It was freezing cold out there!

So The Man was telling me I had to be the one to retrieve it and I was complaining about how I am ALWAYS the one to do EVERYTHING! So The Boy chimes in and adds: "Yeah Dad, how come mom always has to do everything?"

 The conversation then went as follows:

The Man: Well, because buddy. Didn't you know that mom is a slave and always has to do what I say?

The Boy: Nuh-uh dad. There's no such thing as slaves! Abraham Lincoln or somebody like that freed the slaves like a hundred years ago!

The Man and I looked at each other and busted out laughing so hard. We had no retort, since he was pretty much right. I think the biggest reason as to why it was so funny is because we had no idea he even knew that information!  It just goes to show that kids hear and learn a lot more than you think! :)

(First grade picture. He did go to school with a really handsome looking sweater on over the top of this raggedy shirt with strict instructions to not remove it until AFTER pictures. I was quite surprised to see this when I got it in his backpack! I guess he didn't like the sweater look...) 

Ok, now the awkward post-break up phase is over and we can resume "just being friends." :)


  1. That's perfect! Definitely one for the books!

  2. HAHA! To cute! My kids amaze me sometimes with the things they say! Miss you guys!


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