Oct 22, 2010

Get Real About.....


I decided that Saturdays were going to be my "Get Real" posts. If you have no clue what I am talking about you can go here to check out my thoughts on getting real. However, if you also check the time at the bottom of this post it will say that I incoherently babbled this whole shpeal sometime around 11ish on a friday night. So that means I'm cheating...... I said I was going to blog about getting real on Saturdays, but this week I had to do it friday night. Why? Well, this leads right into my topic for this week....


I wrote it again but added an exclamation point this time. Which is very fitting, since thats how I happen to feel at the moment, with an added exclamation point..or a hundred. 

I had to write this post Friday night because tomorrow I wont have time. I have an insane amount of reading, homework and tests due Sunday for my Literature class. My children have two places to be at two different times throughout  the day on Saturday for extended lengths of time. I have committed to doing a few craft fairs with one of my amazing friends which in turn entails hours and hours of sewing, gluing and swearing that I have put off until this week. Our first fair is next saturday. Which means I will probably be writing the next get real post on Friday again.

Oh and Halloween is in one week as well and I have yet to gather everything I need and scrap it all together for costumes.

And did I mention I still have to do my normal every day life routine of chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking, laundry and trying to maintain some sense of personal hygiene?

Needless to say, its all wearing on me. And I'm not doing so hot.

See, when I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed, I don't kick it into high gear and tackle it all with gusto, organization and a smile. No, no, no my friends...I freak out, procrastinate and then alienate friends and family at the very last minute in an effort to block out the world and just get it done before I die of anxiety.

True, sad story.

So all you perfect ladies out there, do you believe me? When you glimpse into the three seconds every day of my life that I post, would you even have thought that my smiling happy go lucky self would have anything that stressed her out? Or that I almost totally buckle under pressure and have a hard time coping with that stress? Probably not.

And now here is where it gets real: I know I'm not the only one here who gets this way. Ladies help me out. How do you handle the stress? Do you even have stress? Are you willing to get real and admit in front of all of my 41 followers (love you guys!) and the other whoevers that love me enough to read my blog that we all might not stress out so perfectly after all?

Please do-in a comment. It would make me (and the rest of the world)  feel soooooo much better! :)


  1. hey! don't be stressed. :P being a teenage girl i don't really know about the toils of motherhood (though my mum talks about it a lot)so i can't really say anything much except i think you're doing an amazing job and you seem really cool (from what i've read)

    you have a really nice blog! its so adorable.

    p.s that isn't an apostrophe, that's an exclamation mark!

  2. stress? what's that? i haven't been stressed in a long time...could be the meds I'm on ;)
    Haha, but all kidding aside..when I DO get stressed, I talk to luke. I bring up the offending topic, etc. for several days...I wouldn't say that I nag about it, but he definitely knows that it is on my mind!

  3. Hey- I found you! I almost typed in A is for Ashleigh, but then I thought better of it. :) Cute blog though! Thanks so much for letting me hang out the other night- it was sure fun to chat! I have a family blog that is private, and I'm considering sending you an invite, but you made it quite clear that you don't check private blogs. :) I GUESS I'll send you one anyway... just in case. :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Good luck with everything! Let me know if you need me to take a kid or two off your hands for awhile while you get stuff done!

  5. When I am stressed I stare at nothing for a long time and then go to bed and cry. The next morning things tend to look a bit better....

    love, .......oh, I am sorry, I was staring a bit.....................
    Love, mom


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