Dec 2, 2009

A budding photographer

When I got my new beautiful camera, my old little digital one got shoved into a drawer. I didn't want to get rid of it because, well it was 200 bucks and thats just wasteful!

I was rewarded for my frugality today when I wanted to take some pics of the stuff I am selling on Craigslist. (yes this link does take you right to one of those items...shameless, I know) I didn't want pictures that were huge, since they take FOREVER to upload. 

So I hunted for my little guy and proceeded to photograph my things.  All went well until...I discovered there were a few more pictures on it than the ones I took. Looks like The Boy found my camera and thought it was pretty cool. Here are a few of his masterpieces. ( I took the liberty of naming them for you...)

Rice Dream Alone

Sister -Unawares 

Self Portrait

Jumbled Ribbons in a Drawer
(could there be a deeper meaning here?)

Dog Down

Mothers Secret Shame

Geeze Mom It's 5:38, Where's dinner?

Aren't they impressive?!

I guess I will have to find him a camera of his own. Maybe I can find one on Craigslist! (yes, another shameless plug)


  1. haha, your titles make them that much more funnier. They are GREAT pics :)

  2. I love finding the random pictures of things on my camera. Kids take pictures of the coolest stuff. I found one the other day of a stuffed gorilla wearing goggles. Awesome!

  3. That is so funny!! Thanks for sharing!!


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