Nov 20, 2009

Who's team are you on?

*This is a post about New Moon. if you are sick of hearing about anything Twilight you might not want to continue on....just to let you know* ;-)

As I was reading the Twilight series I couldn't decide who's "team" to be on. I loved the romantic aspect of Edward's personality, but of course there was that whole "he could bite me and suck down my blood at anytime and I would be left a soulless living dead, but perfectly beautiful, woman" thing going on with Edward that I somehow couldn't decide if I liked or not. 

I was definitely drawn in by the crazy, rough side of Jacob's werewolf-ness---- plus I like my men to be warm, not stone cold. Jacob's kind of young know, for a 26 year old housewife of three kids. Thats just cradle robbing. 

So what was a girl to do? How could I choose?

Last night I went to see New Moon, still undecided:


Or Jacob?

Watching the movie with about 100 other screaming teens made me see the light: 
I'm sorry, but no contest......Mr. Muscles wins,  hands down.
Thanks for the grrrrrreat night Taylor...maybe we can do it again sometime....go team Jacob rawr!

*Disclaimer: I am VERY happily in love with my husband...I only joke. ;-)


  1. OH.MY.GOSH! Thanks for the fun night last night...seriously Jacob? Seriously? You gorgeous little 17-year-old who makes me feel dirty even thinking you are unbelievably great to look at in New Moon. It just feels wrong, doesn't it? I have always been an Edward fan, but I will tell ya...its just so much easier on the eyes to be tight with the werewolves ;) And Edward...come on man, get some pecks...

  2. hahaha, ok between you and Brandi I don't know what to say. hahaha. Can't wait to see it.


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