Nov 16, 2009

Aspiring breakers

 Ever seen this?

Now check this.....
(please excuse my high pitched encouragements and off key singing. Also, Im not great at getting my digital camera to hates me! ) ;-)

She's got some pretty sweet moves right? 

( By the way, the 2 year old in the first video's name is Jalen Testerman, and he's grown up now. Check him out on Ellen. Pretty freakin awesome for a 7 year old...)


  1. So I tried watching lylas video and it said it was private and I had to accept your friend request to view it... Am I just retarted or something?

  2. That was CUTE! She was very close to being in the same league as that other baby! They could compete and Lyla would knock his socks off! Haha. Actually I saw that kid on Ellen a while ago. SOOO good!

  3. So cute! She is such a chunk! I love the baby rolls!!!


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