Nov 9, 2009

A new bundle of joy

We have a new member of our family

She is soft


and the kids really love her

We are happy to introduce:


She's a Britax...not that I am bragging or anything..

So the time had come for Baby girl to get a new car-seat. Although this should be fun and exciting, anyone who knows my husband knows he is a cheap skate. He has a hard time paying more than 5 dollars for anything, and I mean ANYTHING! (I LOVE you, you frugal man you! ) So the prospect of finding a good quality booster for 5 dollars or less was somewhat daunting, as you can imagine.

I started looking online at places like Craigslist hoping to find a super cute, girly car-seat for a really killer price. No dice. Craigslist in the town we live in is really quite pitiful.

Next I searched under google for "cheap, and by cheap I mean cheap so my husband will say yes to buying it, cheap car-seats...preferably in a somewhat girl-ish color." Nada. This search request lead the internet to shut itself completely down with a declaration of , "sorry lady, your s.o.l.!"

So, with a heavy heart and hopes set to low, I set out to find a cute car seat in a normal price range for what we had previously purchased our boosters for. I also mentally prepared myself for all the begging and pleading and favors I would have to do for The Man. ( exaggerating here people..)
I managed to find one that was relatively cute, in a decent under 50 bucks price range that would fit her all the way up to 100 lbs. I felt pretty good about it until I showed it to The Man and he promptly declared it to be ugly. "What?!" I said, "It is so not ugly, its brown and pink...and cheap! What could be more beautiful than that?"

Well, after a few days of showing to him over and over, pointing out its highlights and playing down its low-lights he still thought it was hideous and announced that he would take it upon himself to find something better. Well, I laughed in my insane little laugh, for thats how close this car-seat stuff came to making me a nut case... and handed over all searching to him.

A few hours later he was no further along than I was, but by some miracle the tedious searching of quality car seats had convinced him to spend some money...and more than just five dollars! After I picked myself up off the floor ( you know...because I fainted) I quickly searched for a Britax car seat deal. If any of you know, Britax is number one for car seats (and ridiculous in price, hence the never owning onebefore) and I have always had fantasies about using one...or my kids using one I mean *cough, cough* I ended up at a site called where they are having a HUGE sale on car-seats. (Its still going on!) I got Meghan for a rockin deal...which made me happy, and in turn makes The Man happy ( whether he likes it or not) and ultimately having a new car-seat makes baby Girl really happy!

Truthfull, she probably could care less, as she has no clue what is going on. She is kind of in love with it though, she couldn't stop climbing in it the few days it was in the house! ;-) So here are some pictures of her in her new big girl, front facing booster.

My other two kids had WAY more fun playing with the box for a week!

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