Jun 23, 2007

I love black and white!!

ok, so this is going to be very long blog due to these pictures! I don't know how to get them to go across instead of straight down! Anyway, here are the black and whites I was talking about. I decided that the day I took these was too bright of a day. They are a little overexposed. But all together I think they turned out well. Other than the fact that I should have cleaned my childrens faces before taking the pictures, but oh well. More true to life this way I guess!!

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  1. I love the pictures!!! They are absolutely beautiful! Ok, if you want them to be set up differently there are a few ways to do it--1.) when you are uploading them, make them smaller by checking that box...that way, more can be fit on there..(although, I like the size you have--adds more to individual pictures) 2.) when you upload, make sure that you mark "none" for how the pictures are supposed to be setup on the page, you can do centered, left, right if you want to, but with the "none" option, you can move them where you want...sorry this is soooo long!! :)


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