Nov 30, 2010

Track 1

I have posted a lot about how music affects me. I love it. It moves me, and depending on the song, it usually moves me to tears. Often when I'm listening to a song, my mind wanders away and I have these great scenes that play out in my head. :) I have a very active imagination, which can get me into trouble, but can also be a great springboard for creativity.

Lately I have been imagining amazing photography shoots set to music. Funny huh? A while ago, before it started to snow so heavily, I was listening to an old skool song by Janet Jackson and I had this cool idea to shoot an urban downtown feel session with a 40's twist in the wardrobe. Crazy right? I had the perfect model too since my beautiful sister is crazy and loves to dress up. She has been inspired by the 40's lately as well. I love her. But alas, when we went home for thanksgiving there was so much snow and it was falling to badly that I chickened out. :)

(she's the one on the left...ha ha!)

So I decided since Im not really doing any incredible photo shoots these days, I would instead pick a song or two each week and post in on here for your enjoyment, and mine. I have been introduced to some amazing artists lately and would love to share them with you! I also would love to hear who you love. 

So here goes Track 1

Mammas Eyes by Justin Townes Earl. When I first came across this video, I totally thought is was from the 50's! Come to find out, he is from 2010! Ha hA! And that is what made me fall so in love with him, he has such an old vibe that I just can't get over. He makes me remember the music loved by my great grandpa and my grandpa, who have both passed away and it somehow connects us. Plus, the lyrics are so relatable to anyone and that live guitar just melts me. Oh and that southern accent.  Amazing.

Press pause on my player (if you are on my actual blog and not in a blog reader) and enjoy!

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