Nov 30, 2010


Ha ha! Last night I figured out how to import my old blog into my new one. It automatically published all the posts according to their date, so now the beginning of this blog is actually the beginning posts of my other one. As I was reading though all my old posts trying to edit  the names of my children and husband to keep them anonymous, I made a startling discovery. I used A LOT of exclamation points!!!!!!!!! It's like I am yelling the whole time I was typing. Ha ha! I do remember my brother making some remark about the over use of that specific punctuation mark, so I eventually toned it down. Its hilarious to go back and read them now.  It was also a blessing as well, since a lot of the things I wrote down I don't remember now. So Im glad I did. I also decided I may have been slightly depressed at that time, or at least prone to more complaining! :) I believe (and this is just my own opinion) that I may have actually matured a little since I was 24 in 2007...hopefully anyway.  You should check them out and laugh along with me. (and decide for yourself whether or not I have matured any or if I used less of these !!!!!!!!!!)

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  1. That's so funny because I thought that yesterday when you texted me! You said that you were in a bad mood but you still sounded all chipper and happy with your exclamation marks! :)


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