Nov 29, 2010

I heart faces!

It seems like the only posts I do these days are for I heart faces. :) But, I love its ok!

This weeks theme is "scenic black and white."
We went fishing with the kids a little while back (and when I say "we" it really means The Man went fishing and the kids ran around and played while I took pics, hee hee) and I took a lot of great shots with some awesome scenic views. I loved this one, along with one more of The Man himself, who rarely gets featured on here since he doesn't like me to take pictures of him. :) So the first picture is my entry for I heart Faces and the next one is just for my own pleasure! :)

Be sure to head over to I Heart Faces for more amazing scenic black and white photographs!


  1. What a great picture of your kiddos, also the angle on the fishing one is really great!


  2. The kids do look so happy. So much energy next to a tranquil lake!

    Check mine out and comment, too.

    ChiIL Mama, Chicago

  3. Looks like a beautiful place! Great shot. Sounds like our fishing trips too ;)

  4. Look at those beautiful smiles - lovely! I really like the reflections on the water, too. B&W photos are so timelessly elegant!

  5. Great shot of the kids, they look like they're enjoying themselves!

  6. Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!


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