Jan 15, 2008

I knew it would come back to haunt me

So Sunday my good friend came up to me and told me that she had read my blog and decided to compare the measurements on my "Pre- no sugar" stats to her own. As in..she measured herself and compared it to me! I never did hear if she was smaller or not ( which I am sure she is! She looks great!) but still! I need to take those down. =-) Now that I am pregnant its kind of all irrelevant anyway. I did think it was funny though.

Well, my house looks beautiful. I love the color and how it makes the rooms seem so much warmer. I was wrong about being able to just sit back and watch though! The Man put me to work just about as soon as I was done typing the last blog! =-) We all painted the really big wall last night for family night and the kids loved it! They got to put paint all over the wall...and themselves! The Boy did a great job and was actually really helpfull! We got the couches back into the room before we went to bed and it looks so good! I am so happy! Now we just have to find some decorations to make it look complete.

I made an appointment to go see the doctor finally. Im already 15 weeks along and we were waiting for the new year to start before I went. We have discovered something about Boise that we don't really like...All the OB doctors want all of your money up front! There is no such thing as just paying your co-pay and then getting billed at the end. Nope, its all pay 3-4,000 dollars right at first, or, like the place I talked to, they will take the amount you would owe after insurance and divide it up into monthly payments. I could potentially be paying 500 dollars a month to go see the doctor! I don't know about you..but I don't have that kind of change just hangin around. Its also hard to pay for services I have not yet recived..you know what Im sayin? So we will see if we can work something out with them. If anyone knows of a good doctor who doesn't charge you up front, let me know!


  1. Since you're probably slightly motivated, I'd call EVERY. SINGLE. DOCTOR. On. Your. Insurance. Well, OB anyway. Its a ton of work but well if it can save you some money its well worth it.

    I'm glad the painting went so well. One day. One day. But at least you get to do it now and really enjoy it!

    Anyway I get to stress and make sure that our insurance is covering my hysterectomy tomorrow. Because they are fabulous wonderful insurance who send you a stupid letter the day before saying "hey we heard you're being admitted but just remember you're not covered for anything we haven't been notified about." They don't say what they've been notified of. And then say well this isn't a promise of coverage...blah blah blah. Though I've been told its covered they throw something like this lettter in to shake things up and freak you out that you'll end up with a 10K bill. Seriously. I really do love and appreciate my health insurance because they've saved our butts. But still.

    Anyway have fun and I hope you find someone that will do the normal copay thing for you!

  2. I know someone lady, but I don't know if your open to it. She is my midwife and she is AMAZING! If you can handle a little pain, give her a call. Colleen Goodwin at The Baby Place 884-1223. ;)


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