Jan 3, 2008

Merry late Christmas and happy new year!

Ok, so I know I keep saying this, but here it is again...Im back! ;-)

So all this time we were planning on hanging around here for Christmas, but at the last minute we decided to tough out the seven hour drive and head up to where our families were congregating. The man's and my parents both live in the same town, so thats nice. Though sometimes its hard to devide your time between the two without hurting anyones feelings!
We were there for 9 days and it was sooo much fun. And we were sooo ready to leave! ;-) Christmas was great. The man broke the cardinal rule and bought me a pair of jeans. Jeans and I haven't really been getting along lately, so I was supprised when they fit and they actually looked good. Soon I won't be able to wear them though, seeing as how I will be getting fat!!

In more recent news we have all been a little sick around here. As soon as we got home we all got really bad allergies and snotty noses ( ew, gross..I know!) plus the kids have pretty bad coughs! So needless to say we have been lazing around not doing much! My house is suffering the consequenses! So today I have to do all the laundry and scrub down the bathrooms and such. I did read today that my friend
Kim loves to clean bathrooms..wanna come and do mine!? ;-) She also tagged me for a thingy that I haven't done yet, so that will be coming up soon! Its good to be home and writting again. I know you all have missed me! =-)


  1. Glad you had a good Christmas. When do we get to see pictures of the baby bump!?

  2. I'd love to clean your bathrooms as soon as you aren't puking in them.Hee hee..I know you aren't, name the day.


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