Dec 18, 2007

And we're back!

Ok, so it has been a while hasn't it? I just needed a little time off to re-charge! So here I am, back in full swing...hopefully. It was nice to hear that I actually had people reading my stuff and liking it enough to miss it! ;-)

So first off I want to say that I love being pregnant. It might not have sounded like it previously, but it really is true. Since I got knocked up I have lost 10 pounds! This is like the best weight loss program in the world! I never lost weight with any other babies. For some reason this time around I am super sick and the stinky smell of food just turns me off! I think I am getting over it now though, so lets all pray that Ashleigh doesn't balloon up over night!

Christmas is in a week and I can't believe it. I still have shopping to do! The kids are super excited and I finally had to make a countdown chain out of paper so they would quit asking me, " is it Christmas today?" No, we still have about 40 days my dear! ;-)

We live in Boise and the weather here is so mild that I am pretty sure we are still in September. It has snowed twice I think and both times it melted right away. Its raining outside right now and I doubt it will turn into snow before we go to bed. We might wake up to a little, but by the afternoon, it will all be gone. It doesn't seem like Christmas without snow. I don't know how people in warm states deal with it! Though I must say, we moved here from Rexburg Idaho and anyone who has ever lived there for a winter will say that I should feel lucky! That place is crazy. You better not go outside with a snotty nose or the minute you breath in it freezes inside your nostrils and your nose immediately falls off to shatter on the ground. And it is so windy that even if your are wearing five shirts and a coat made for the arctic, you still have frostbite on your chest when you get home. So needless to say that even though its sad to have bare ground on Christmas morning, I would rather that than the other!

So you guys, its good to be back. I will try hard to write more often. I do have a lot to talk about and it will be good to hear from you guys again! Till next time!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!! You are back and that makes me so happy!!!Now I will call you.

  2. Wahoo!! I knew you would come back..and it was a good one. I especially liked the part about Rexburg because it is FREAKIN' COLD THERE! I am glad that I live in a pretty moderate place..although this year has been cold :( Aww, the memories of Rexburg, always close to my frozen frostbitten heart!! Haha, Love ya and thanks for the update!

  3. I'm glad you're loving your pregnancy! And don't you just love frozen snotcicles hanging in your nose?

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