Nov 30, 2007

I must have been in a bad mood..

Do you ever post a blog thinking that its fantastic and then go in the next day to re-read it and discover that it really was a tad little bit off?

I think my last post sounds a little harsh, and whiny and well, a lot like a little baby!

Sorry about that. My usual happy-go-lucky personality must be hiding behind my exhaustion. Though it did feel good to vent a little, so maybe we can all just forget the entire episode!

So today is Friday! I'm excited for the weekend. It will finally be December. Why has November dragged on for sooooo long? Hopefully tomorrow we will go get our Christmas tree and we can finally have a place that looks nice to stash the 50 (ok, so maybe only like 10..but looks like a lot more!) gifts my mother sent down with my sis after thanksgiving. ( wow, that was a long sentence!) They have been piled up in the corner of my front room and my children are going crazy! The Boy thinks they are ALL for him and cannot grasp the concept of possibly having to share them. Little Girl just loves all the pretty wrapping and wants to tear it off and keep it forever. I just want to know what is in the REALLY BIG ONE labeled Ashleigh. Oh yeah, I'm just as bad as my kids I suppose. But I have refrained from picking it up and shaking it to hear what rattles around. Mostly due to its mammoth size, but also because I like surprises!

So tomorrow the tree and I will bring out all of my decorations and it will be beautiful. And my house will be lovely as well. My mommy gave me a bunch of decorative stuff from her house last year, so it will be nice to actually have something to put up. Although I have no shelves or books cases, so its going to be interesting to see where it all ends up. I might suffer from a heart attack by the end of this month from trying to keep my babies away from all my nice, fragile and oh so important to me Christmas decorations that will all be crammed onto the front room coffee table!

So Happy Holidays to everyone. I am requesting addresses from everyone who might want to receive a Christmas card and family letter from the Browns, so feel free to let me know! I am also looking for awesome, terrific and amazing gift ideas for 27 year old men. Of course its not for my husband...ha ha ha..I already know everything to get him because I am a great, all knowing wife, its for someone else I know......yeah that's it, someone else I know who wants to know what to get HER 27 year old husband. You believe me, right?


  1. I have no idea what to get for your friend's husband. Really no clue. He wouldn't love the new mouse, cheap speakers, gps unit that my "friend's" husband is wanting. Anyway a lesson my mother taught me was the fact that we broke all her special stuff growing up. So she decided to either put it up really high or stop displaying it until we were much older. She has a fabulous ceramic nativity that disappeared for a long long time and is now back on display since we're not playing with it. I'd love a letter...let me know if you still need my addy. Love ya!

  2. I am having a HUGE withdrawl!! KEEP POSTING!!! PLEASE!!! I know you are pregnant and having a hard time, but you can do it! I HAVE FAITH!! Go to it girl! (notice all the exclamation points..that means this is a serious plea ;-)


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