Nov 6, 2007

Sugar sucks!...reason number 8

Ok, its been a while since I posted one of these, but due to my recent sugar binge, I really need to remind myself excatly why I started the whole no-sugar thing in the first place! My head is killing me!! So here it is:

Sugar causes food allergies

( Piont in case: My husband's father..and my husband as well I allergic to cantelope. Sad I know, that stuff is sooooo good! It makes his throat itch and close up and sharp pains occur in his sides and random places in his body around his back. His wife ( my mother in law) decided to kick sugar about five years ago and has been doing awesome ( go terry!) ever since. Well, my father in law decided to join her and after a few weeks of being sugar free, discovered that he could eat cantelope without any problems! It was amazing! He has been off and on with sugar over the years and every time he's on, his allergies flare up, and everytime he's off, they go away. Crazy huh? Just think of all the food allergies you have that you might not experience any longer if you just gave up that sweet white stuff? Think of all the foods you could eat! Its a miracle!) ;-)

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