Nov 5, 2007

This one goes out to the man

( Just a warning might get a little mushy.)

I think you all might know this, but just in case you don't, I'll tell ya:

Im married.

Why, you ask, am I making such and obvious statement? Here's the story:

I have a husband who is a great guy. He's loving and loyal and smart and hot and driven and focused and funny and about a million other good things. However, sometimes he can be a little insecure. Not about himself, mind he knows he's all those things I just descibed, he's just a little insecure about me pretending to be single.

Ok, joke, joke, laugh, laugh. I don't really pretend to be single, in fact quite the contrary. I talk about The Man a lot! For instance here ( under " get his attention") or even here. I'm pretty sure I mention him here to! And if you look over to your right, he is definitely talked about in my "thanks for checking me out" shpeel.

So it came as a suprise to me when, the other day, The Man said that my blog made me look like I was a single mom. Ha ha, if I was a single mom , I think the whole thing would have a lot more " my appologies for being gone for such a long time, I was at the nut house......again " posts. (no offense to single mothers, you guys are amazing!)

I think his comment probably stemmed from the fact that I have no pictures of him. Well its not true, there is one at the very bottom of my home page, underneath my player. Its a picture of him chasing The Boy around our back yard. It's one of my favorites. However, it is true that there are no pictures of he and I together, looking like we actually like each other. If I hade any recent ones, I would put them up. But, since I am the only one who takes any pics around here, and there isn't anyone else to say, " hey, you guys get in together and I'll take it!", it makes it a little more understandable.

I do have pictures of us when we were dating, and when we got married and one from last year. So I am putting these pictures up for all to behold and witness that I have a husband, whom I love deeply and utterly and who I couldn't imagine my life without!

(Everyone take a look and comment on how great we look together and how married and in love I personally look so I can pass it on to The man and he can feel a little more secure with his life and his wifey-poo!) ;-)

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  1. Ok, besides the fact that I KNOW you are married...I loved this post!! Tell Nate that I can totally see that you are married and HAPPY to boot!! Hope you are feeling well..maybe your next post should be about that!


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