Sep 20, 2007

I am the Coupon Ninja!

This is a long one..but suffer through it. Its well worth your time...I promise!

I have this friend. Let's call her "Maybell". "Maybell" is a Coupon Ninja. ( I know, lots of references to Ninjas this week...there cool OK..) Anyway, this friend named "Maybell", who is a coupon Ninja, introduced me just recently to the Coupon Ninja World.

There's a whole world of Coupon Ninjas, you ask? Well, yes..yes there is and I can't believe I never even knew.

I mean, I knew there were people out there who saved a few bucks here and there from clipping those little pieces of paper out of magazines and newspapers. " Not for me!" I said ever so ignorantly. " I don't see the point or the gain from spending the effort."

Well, my dear friends....this Wednesday I was re-educated.

Here's how it went:( note: I have taken liberties with this might be a tad exaggerated..but only to heighten the effect..)

Said Maybell to my other Coupon Ninja friend " Harriet" ( name changed to protect the not-so -innocent): So, are you going to go to the store with those coupons to get the freaking sweet awesome deal that is waiting for you there?

Said " Harriet" to "Maybell": I am at Ashleigh's house right now.

Said " Maybell" to " Harriet": Take Ashleigh along... educate her, teach her and guide her into the wonderful World Of Coupon Ninja-ness.

Said " Harriet" to Ashleigh: the store we go.

Said Ashleigh to " Harriet": Um..I have to get out of my pajamas, brush my hair and teeth and then to the same for my half naked children. After that..Yes, I shall join you on this quest for the freakin sweet, awesome deal. I must tell you that I am skeptical though. I have heard its not worth the effort spent.

Said " Harriet" to Ashleigh: Just get in the stinkin' car.

So off we went to the store with our kids in tow. Two women on a mission, our envelopes stuffed with coupons and (for one of those women,, embarking on a journey of enlightenment.

At the store:

Said " Harriet" to Ashleigh: Here are the fifty million coupons you need to make this work, keep them in order, keep all your stuff in your cart in order, don't look so scared.....and hold on.

Said Ashleigh to " Harriet": I'm confused.. ( actually, I think I said that at least a hundred times..if not more)

Said " Harriet" to Ashleigh: Just pick what you want and stick it in your cart..I'll help you with the goodness woman!

10 - 15 minutes later, at the checkout:

Said Ashleigh to the cashier: Here's all my stuff and here's all my coupons..I hope this works.

Said the cashier to Ashleigh ( after ringing up 11 boxes of assorted Post and Quaker ( not cheap) cereal, 4 boxes of Quaker chocolate chip and smores ( not cheap) granola bars and 2 (1 quart) boxes of Rice Dream rice milk ( not cheap): That will be 6 dollars and 30 cents please.

Said Ashleigh to the cashier: nothing..because I had fainted.....

Isn't that sooooooo crazy? " Harriet's" total was almost the same as mine and her cashier almost couldn't believe it!

Want to hear something even more crazy? I have another friend ( yes, Ashleigh has lots of friends huh?) ;-) who got 52 boxes of cereal and 4 Gallons of milk for..wait for it........................10 bucks! ( she added up what it would have been without all the crazy Ninja-ness and...over two hundred dollars!)

I am dying over here! This whole time I thought it wasn't worth it..that you didn't really save that much money. " Maybell" has told me that you even can get money back..they owe YOU after its all said and done.

The Man was so impressed with my wicked Ninja skills that he actually encouraged me to continue! That and of itself is worth more that the effort it takes to get it all done.

If any of you are wondering how you too can enter this World of Coupon Ninja-ness, let me know. Its way too long to explain on here..but oh sooooooo worth it in the end. Especially those of you who are looking to bulk up your food storage.(or in my case, actually start it..) Its amazing!

So for now..I bit you Adieu'. I must leave to hone my new found skills so that I may one day become a Coupon Ninja Master. Good luck to you all.


  1. LoL great post ! I too have just entered the Coupon Ninja world lol. I started a blog to track my savings but I'm not nearly as good as your friend lol. Good luck saving !


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