Sep 17, 2007

Thoughts on Chris Crocker

So there is this kid right..and he's a tad bit strange. (Well, " tad" is probably an understatement. ) Im not sure how old he is but to me he looks maybe 16. He posts videos on you tube and I had never personally seen one until just two days ago when I ran across this one.

Now, I myself, am a sort-of Britney Spears fan..( laugh if you must) I like some of her stuff, but a lot of it isn't what I would choose to listen too. Especially since my children are always within earshot of what ever happens to be on. The Boy is a pretty good parrot of the things he hears and I would hate for him to show up to preschool singing " Boom, Boom Boom, boy you look so sexy!" or " Im a slaaaaaave for you.." Questions would then most definitely be asked. He already walks around the house singing " you gonna remember me, Im gonna remember you!" in the most manly voice he can muster at age four. Yes, britney spears would definitely be a step in the wrong direction.

So this kid on you tube posts this video and Im watching it and Im wondering, " is this kid for real?" Like I said, I like a little britney every now and then, but this......this, to me, is bordering on partial insanity and obsession. You be the judge.

( warning..this video is really, really, really hard to watch..its almost painful, in fact it IS painful! so be aware that you are about to lose 2 mintues and 11 seconds of your life that you will never be able to get back. Oh, and there are a couple of F-bombs too.. just so you know. And to the Cris Crocker fans out there..nothing personal!) ;-)

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