Sep 6, 2007


So im not going to delete this blog..I am just going to add the link to my new one under my friends list and when I post something there I will tell you guys on this one..that way I can keep this one to. I guess this one will be more for family stuff and the other one more for me..and whatever the heck else I want it to be! I just was kind of sick of the name " the happy Brown family" and I don't think you can change the URL. So anyway, thats the keep an eye out for " A is for Amaizing!"


  1. You can't change hte url but you can change the title. And I konw lots of people that have them as different. To change hte title just go into your settings.

  2. Well said! Also..are those pictures of the first day of school taken in your home?!? If better be taking more and posting because I LOVE THE COLORS!


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