Sep 5, 2007


So, I decided that I should get rid of this blog. I never write in it and its just a little cheesy, wierd. So I am going to delete this one and start a new one that is a little different. We''ll see. Anyway, I think I am feeling a little off latley so I need a change. A few changes actually. I will post the name of my new bog when I get it, before I delete this one.


  1. Hello?!?! WHy would you want to delete it..just revamp the one you've got!! Come on..!! Anyway, I've missed you..what happend in CDA?

  2. Amen to the can change everything about it. Just keep it because then its not're just working with it. Even if you post once a month its still there nad we're happy with whatever we can get. FOR REAL!


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