Sep 27, 2007

Im a drug addict.

Well my friends, it has officially begun. What, you ask?

My new life without SUGAR!

Yes, that right no more sweets for me. No more cookies, cakes, doughnuts, candy bars, .....chocolate * drool* or any other good- but- oh -so- bad for you confection ever made!


Well here is a list of ailments Ashleigh is currently suffering from due to her high volume of sugar intake:
1: Monster head aches..migraines if you will. I get them when I eat sugar, I get them when I don't.

2: Secret migraines. The ones that cause pressure in my head and eyes and all around everywhere up there, but have no pain. Weird huh? I can't focus or think when these are happening. Don't ask me..I'm just the recipient of the strange but annoying symptom.

3: Dizziness. Not the kind that happens when you stand up too fast..oh no..the kind that comes on when your standing completely still and then you almost fall over. Or your bending down to clip your daughter in her stroller and you do fall over. It sucks.

4: This awful stuff called acne. ( ew gross, I know!) You would think that at my age, having already gone through puberty, that this stuff would be receding. I have worse skin now than I did in high school. (Partially due to lack of sleep I'm sure, which I am also trying to remedy)

5: Fatigue and witchy-ness. I am tired. I am cranky. I have no patience. I am a B- word, a lot of the time. No matter how much sleep I get, I always wake up exhausted.

6: I have intense cravings for Chocolate. Not candy, not cake not sweet stuff like that. Chocolate specifically. My body whispers, " Wouldn't a nice, huge bag of pnt butter M&M's taste good right about now? Go ahead, eat the whole thing, you aren't THAT fat," or " No treats in the pantry today? Why not rip open one of those bags of chocolate chips? No ones going to miss one little bag." ( FYI: I have done this. I have been caught. ( I stuffed the bag down the side of the couch and The Man just so happened to sit in that very spot and it somehow popped out!) It wasn't very pretty.)

7: Im fat. I know, I know. But seriously, Im going to say this only to prove my point. On average, one American eats 3-4 pounds of sugar a week. One pound of sugar has over 2,000 calories. You do the math. Think about how many calories I will cut out of my diet just by giving up sugar. And then what happens after that..inevitable weight loss. Cool huh?

8: Other ones that I'm not going to blather on about because this is already really long!

So the short of it is, I have an addiction. I'm a druggie! Who ever could have guessed that this sweet young girl from a middle sized town in Idaho would succumb to the temptations of a powerful, sweet, yummy drug? ;-)

So that's it. Yesterday was my first day without it and I am actually feeling better already. If anyone is interested in joining me..even for experiment sake, let me know. Its good to have support. Here is a list of really good books to check out if you want to learn more!

Wish me luck!

"Sugar Blues" by William Dufty
" Sweet Deception" by Dr. Joseph Mercola
" Lick the Sugar Habit" by Nancy Appleton, PhD

I am also going post every day, one way sugar harms your body. So check it out! =-) I will get down off of my soap box now......


  1. could it be your birth control? I have been SO weird since I started my new B.C. But, maybe I should try this NO SUGAR thing too...oh, what's the do it and then maybe I'll follow!!! :)

  2. Hi, I am a druggie too lol.

    My addiction is pastries, donuts, any kind of bread covered with sugar.

  3. Good for you! This is going to change your life, seriously. More energy, less puffiness, and more enjoyment of foods as your tastes adjust. So awesome!

  4. I'm really proud of your new efforts! Please post how you are doing. Maybe I'll try, too! I'm going through some of the same things!!! Mine is usually topped with diet coke, though. ;)


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