Sep 9, 2007

Ha Ha...

So today I figured out how to change the URL on your blog. The whole reason I got a new one was because I didn't think you could change your blogspot address once you got it. I was wrong. So I have two blogs...but its ok. Its fun to see how different they are and it is really nice to have one thats kind of just for me. Im sticking the link to it on my list of friends in case you dont want to have two spots for me on your pages. Is there some way to get notifications when another person posts? I always have to just go into a page and hope there might be something new! Anyway, thanks for reading and caring everyone!


  1. Yes, there is a way to find out if someone posts..I get them through probably need to just go to formatting..I'll look it up...

  2. Its a blog setting, to offer an email subscription. Easier though would be to set up google reader, blog lines or another rss feed reader. I use google reader to manage hte 125 rss feeds that I read...a.k.a. different blogs etc. Thats how I know about you.


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