Sep 12, 2007


Ok, so here is my first post for Works For Me Wednesday.

A while ago I was getting fed up with a little problem I kept finding in my laundry. Mostly all over my little boys ( and my big boy's..namely, my husband!) shirts. What is this little thing that caused me so much grief? Grease stains my friends, grease stains. Yes, you know, those little spots that seem to , no matter what you do, continue to come back and haunt you! I scrubbed and scrubbed with every stain remover you could imagine, to no avail. Until, finally, one day I decided to venture online to see what I could do, short of chucking them all in the trash! I found this helpful tip that I use all the time now and it really, really works..I swear! Try using your dish soap. The ones that " Help fight tough grease." Its so cool! Just put a dab of dish soap on all the spots, give them a little scrub, throw them in the wash and Wa-la!, you have a B-E-A-utiful new shirt that you don't have to swear at every time you pull it out of the hamper! =-)

For more awesome "Works For Me Wednesday" tips check out the great links at Rocks In My Dryer !


  1. I'm going to try this on about 6 of owen's shirts.

  2. This is just the best tip! I have thrown out more clothes because of this! Is is sad to say there were just as many of my shirts in that group? I always end up without a napkin (I give it to the kids when they use up, drop, lose, tear up theirs) and I am horrible about wiping my french fry fingers on my shirt. I am a mess. Thank you for the help!

  3. What a wonderful tip. I usually lose my shirts to grease stains just from cleaning up the kitchen.

    I will definitely try this.


  4. I had a coworker come and kiss my pregnant belly as I wore the shirt my husband had grossly overpaid for at a friend's store. Glaring, magenta lips right on my belly like a bullseye. After many tears and repeated, "No, really, please, don't touch my belly with that wet rag." I got it out with two squirts of non-aerosol hairspray.
    Never found the cure for grease, I'll remember this!


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