Oct 1, 2007

Ashleigh, weekends and posts...

Those three things don't really mesh, I'm afraid. The weekends race by, Monday comes along and I am in a blind stupor. Where did it all go? Why does my house look exactly the same way it did on Friday morning? oh yeah..here's why. ( refer to number 6!)

But seriously, the real excuse for leaving you guys hanging was the fact that we were far, far away from home. We left for Utah, a six hour drive..... for one day. (Yes, as a mater of fact I AM crazy, thank you very much.) But for Family, it was all worth it.

I got to see my nephew get baptized, hang out with The Man's sister and her family, who we never see, and just get a little mini vacation from my normal day -to-day life.

And I did not eat even one smidgen of sugar! Proud? You better be.

It was sheer power of will that kept me from diving head first into the massive pan of chocolate covered peanut butter bars they provided with the lunch after the baptism. CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUT BUTTER BARS!!!!! Those two ingredients combined in anything and I am head over heels! Not only were there those, but they had a HUGE candy basket in the middle of the counter with all different kinds of scrumptious delights.( some from Germany!)

You guys, I wanted it soooooooo bad! And to top it all of, The Man sits down right next to me with his plate covered in sinfully delicious treats. I could smell it. I watched every move he made, my mouth drooling with imagined tastes, as he lifted his hands up and down, back and forth from the table to his mouth.

I now know what it feels like to be my dog, sitting there with big eyes under the table, staring at us, waiting hopefully for any shred of a morsel to perhaps find its way to the floor and subsequently, to his mouth.

Is this really what it is to be an addict? Will I be this way my whole life? Does it get better?

I pray that it does!

Anyway, I actually feel really good, aside from occasional intense cravings for something sweet. Those are promptly satisfied with a good helping of fruit..or a yummy smoothie. All in all things are going great! My headaches are dissipating, my energy levels are up, and I haven't been cranky for a couple of days. ( well, not as cranky as I used to be...)

I might Post my pre-sugar stats on the blog somewhere. You know, weight, size, symptoms etc. That way we can track the changes and see the difference. If anyone is wanting to do this with me, its a good idea to write all this down somewhere for your own personal use. ( you don't have to publicly humiliate yourself along with me!) ;-)

I also promise that this wont be the only thing I ever blog about. I have too much crazy crap in my life to not share it with total strangers! So for now, I must say goodbye. I am going to post the first reason sugar is harmful to your body in a separate post, so watch out and keep tuning in!

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  1. HOLY COW LADY!!!!! I NEVER would have survived that! "A" really is for amazing! (haha, I'm funny).


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